Killing Incidents of Wild Animals in India

There are so many incidents of wild animal attacks in India, Indian peoples did the same with animals in return,which should not be done. Every next day there is a news about the brutal killing of wild animals. The population of animals kept on decreasing, some of the wild animals in India are already on the verge of extinction. If we do continue killing with wild animals in return,one day will lose our pride and beauty of green forest. One of the problem poaching, we are already facing and we have to fight against it to save our pride not in support of killing them. One of the biggest tragedy of elephants in India is, a speeding Indian train killed a group of seven elephants in eastern part of West Bengal. There is always an incident happening about the brutal and insensitive animal torture in India by the villagers. Two tiger cubs and one baby elephant killed in ‘revenge’ by villagers in India.
How could these men kill animals one day, then try to protect them the next.

Human Wildlife Conflict and Man-Eating Tigers

Leopard Killing

The big cat leopard was always got killed by the villagers in different region of India. A leopard was beaten to death by angry villagers in Orissa, A Leopard was shot dead in Maharashta, A leopard is killed by villagers in Assam,Uttar Pradesh,Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Deforestation, loss of habitat and shortage of pray are the three major reason of attacks on human, but there will be some way to do not kill these predators.

Black Bear Killing

An Asiatic Himalayan Black bear has been brutally killed by villagers in Assam. Another insensitive cases of animal torture in India is a Black bear was encircled by a group of villagers and burned alive. Asiatic black bear is protected wild animal under Schedule of the Wildlife in India.

Elephant Killing

Elephant was killed six peoples in an Indian village on December 2002, which led to the killing of about 200 elephants by locals. The brutal case was, a baby elephant was beaten to death by villagers in Assam. Around 100 elephants are killed by villagers each year.

Snake Killing

Giant King Kobra is a rare species of snake found in India, According to tradition, snakes should not be killed,they worhip by Indian by Nag panchami festival but the villagers do due to fear. Only 60 Out 270 species of snakes in India are venomous. In some villages of South India,there are some farms who catch, kill or trade the snakes in India. There are people in India, who use these wild animals for their livelihood by displaying a street show in India.

In the recent human animal conflict, Gaur the India bison was chased and get killed by Kolhapur villagers. One of the six Indian bison entered into village in search of food from the near by Radhanagri bison sanctuary. Earlier in 2005, three largest bovine were got killed in the same area.

Stop Killing of Wild Animals

Awareness to save wild animals.
Trained some villagers to use unconscious dart.
Make fences around the house.
Avoid to visit forest in night.
Use Guard dogs.
Use fire Crackers.
Regular Monitoring of wild animals and villagers.