8 Famous Chicken Dishes From States of India

Spicy chicken dishes are the best Indian cuisines one can enjoy across all over India. Indian food has this peculiar thing about being associated and named on famous places. Almost every states in India has its specialty in terms of veg , non veg or seafood items. Each dish has a unique flavor and all states has its own traditional way to cook these cuisines with Indian spices. Few famous local dishes form the states are Machha Jhola from Orissa and Bengal, Dry Rajasthani chicken, Quasi-Gujarati Chicken, Karnataka style Chicken Coorg, Burmese Chicken and North east style chicken dishes. Indian spices are the main ingredients of the dish and specialty of Indian foods. These dishes are well famous not only in India but in the world as well.

I am Listing Few Famous Dishes From the Different States of India:

Chicken Kolhapuri: Chicken Kolhapuri is a bold and spicy dish from the city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. This chicken curry is a very aromatic dish that heavily pronounces the flavors from the south western part of India, its is one of the famous and most spicy chicken dish of Maharashtra. Chicken Kolhapuri made by losts of Mix red chillies, ginger-garlic paste, salt ,yogurt and lime juice. Another one of the famous chicken dish form maharashtra is gavran Kombdi.Chicken Vindaloo: The “Vindaloo” style of cooking is of Goa origin, Traditional chicken vindaloos is spicy hot delicious dish from the “Land of beaches” Goa. The famous chicken vindaloo made with titillating flavor of mustard with turmeric, ginger, garlic, coconut vinegar and brown sugar. The popular chilli and Vinegar based curry has a Portuguese influence on its cooking. Vindaloo also made with meat and traditionally serve with roti, paratha or naan. The cuisines of Goa is one of the major attraction for the food lovers in India.Chicken Trivandrum: The Trivandrum chicken is a awesome cuisine and simple recipe to make form the “Land of Attraction” Kerala. Kerala is the land of coconuts and the cuisine is famous for dishes made with coconut. Kerala is one of major production area of spices in India so its dishes are well famous as spicy foods. Kerala cuisine has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, chicken, poultry and meat. Trivandrum chicken is very very spicy made with red chilly and ginger garlic.Chicken Chettinad: Chicken Chettinad is the typical and most famous dish from Tamil Nadu. Chettinad cuisine is famous for its use of a variety of spices and the unique way of cooking. Chicken is marinated with chili powder, lemon juice, turmeric powder and cooked. The famous local delicacies chicken chettinad is no stranger among all over states of India. Chicken Chatnal is another authentic south Indian dish.Chicken Hyderabadi: Chicken Hyderabadi is a luscious & delicious recipe from the state of Andra Pradesh. The Hyderabadi chicken curry recipe is one of the best recipes in India and in my collection of popular Indian cuisines. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is another most popular Indian rice dish form the Hyderabad and highly consumed dish in India. Hyderabadi chicken dum biryani is a signature dish of Hyderabad.Chicken Rezala: The Bengali Chicken Rezala is one of the delicious Indian non-veg item from Kolkata. The famous Chicken rezala is a tasty curry made from chicken along with flour and curd in ghee a clarified butter. Bengal is popular for its festivals, which are celebrated with different type of Bengali dishes like fish curry and chicken rezala are few of them. Chicken Rezala is one such dish from these well-known Muslim restaurants of Calcutta. Potpourri Chicken is another famous Bengali dish from the “Land of Tigers” West Bengal.Chicken Patiala: Under the category chicken gravy the delectable curries dish patiala chicken form the state of Punjab. The Boneless pieces of chicken simmered in a light sauce with yogurt, onions, tomatoes and mild spices. This delicacy from the former princely state of Patiala is cooked with a fine eclectic paste of poppy seeds,melon seeds, almonds, garam masala.Chicken patiala is serve with Roomali Roti.Chicken Kashmiri: Kashmiri Chicken is a very popular and very delicious chicken recipe made with aromatic spices from the from the lovely Indian state of Kashmir.

The chicken dishes from kashmir are quite sweet in terms of taste but truly delicious like kashmiri butter chicken. chicken kashmiri is one of the easy cooked and perfect as Kitchen Menu of everyone’s home. Chicken Yakhin is another most popular dish form kashmir cooked with yoghurt and dry spices.

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