10 Brands of Sanitizer-Hand Wash Available in India

Hand Wash was already a regular activity in India and currently is one of the most effective way of saving yourself from diseases like Corona Virus. Here is the list of best brands of hand wash available in India and also alcohol-based hand sanitizer, most effective when hand washing with soap and water is not available.



Sterillium hand sanitizer is a alcohol-based product for hand disinfection, Also a revolutionary product for a maximum hand safety. The blue hand sanitizer is the favourite of millions of users around the world.

Savlon by ITC


Savlon range of handwashes with herbal essence, floral fragrance and fresh citrus formula offers effective cleansing from germs. Savlon is a popular brand of ITC, offers sanitizers, soap, antiseptic liquid and advanced range of handwash in India.

Dettol by Reckitt Benckiser


The liquid hand wash and hand sanitizer brand protects hands from germs and keep your hand hygienically clean. Dettol is the most popular product of Reckitt Benckiser company from England, was launched in India in 1933 and one of the most trusted brands in India.

Lifebuoy by Unilever


Lifebuoy hand sanitizer and liquid hand wash products will keep your hands healthy and clean, A brand of soap marketed by Unilever. The advanced formula sanitizer and handwash not only kill 99.9% germ but also keep your hands soft and smooth.

Protekt by Godrej


Godrej Protekt brand is a chemical free handwash and extremely affordable, Not only protects your family with every wash but also gentle on skin with neem and aloe vera but tough on germs. The master blaster handwash fights germs but loves hands and the green sanitizer protects you from germs for 8 hours.



Patanjali hand wash and sanitizer is made with blend of pure herbs like Neem, Aloevera, Almond Kesar, which kills 99.99% germs. The Ayurvedic handwash offers a gentle wash with an anti-bacterial herbal that keep your hands clean and sanitized.



Himalaya pure hands tulsi purifying wash helps protect hands from germs. The alcohol-based hand sanitizer is an effective product from Himalaya, which kills 99.9% of germs and safely keep viruses, bacteria away. Himalaya’s PureHands contains moisturizers and is absolutely safe for regular use.

Santoor by Wipro


Santoor fresh hand wash is a flagship brand of Wipro Consumer Care and also is the second largest selling soap in India. Chandrika is another popular Ayurvedic liquid soap by Wipro and a leader in the natural soap segment in South India, best selling soap in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.



Palmolive hand wash also keep your hands safe from germs with every wash, The liquid and foaming hand wash are an effective product for germs protection and infections. The American brand is part of Colgate-Palmolive and sells associated products like soap and shampoo in India.

Apollo Life Sanitizer

Apollo Life hand sanitizer also gives instant protection to your hands from germs, Enriched with Moisturizers and the gel kills 99.9% germs. The health and wellness solution provider is part of the Apollo Hospitals, The Indian hospital chain based in Chennai.

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