10 Most Popular Brands of Biscuit in India

Biscuit industry of India is one of the largest in the world and also the country is largest biscuit consuming nation. The big four biscuits brands in India are Parle, Britannia, Sunfeast and Priya Gold.

Here is the list of top 10 famous brands of biscuit available in India, More popular brand of biscuits also include Mc Vites, Rose Biscuits, Horlicks Biscuits and Oreo Biscuit.



Parle food company hold the dominant share of the Indian biscuit market and famous for biscuit brand Parle-G which is also the largest selling biscuit brand in the world.

Parle biscuit brands include Monaco, KrackJack, Hide & Seek, Parle-G Gold along with Melody chocolate, Kismi Toffee Bar and Mango Bite candy.



Britannia Industries sells biscuits, rusk toast, breads, cake, chocolate biscuit and dairy products in India. Good day, Marie Gold 50 50, Treat,Bourbon and Tiger brands of biscuits are the most popular Biscuit of Britannia in India.



Sunfeast biscuit brand is part of the ITC Limited, known for offering innovative and variety of biscuits like Glucose, Marie and Cream Biscuits. ITC is India’s largest seller of branded foods and the major brands of ITC are Aashirvaad, Fiama Di Wills, Navy Cut, Mangaldeep agarbattis and Bingo.

Priya Gold


Priyagold brand is India’s favorite biscuit and one of the leading biscuits brands in India like Parle-G and Britannia. Surya Food Agro manufactured the Priyagold premium biscuits like mutter bite and marie lite.



Anmol Industries majorly focusing on manufacturing of cakes, cookies and biscuits in India, Good presence in Northern and Eastern India, also an iconic biscuit brand and leading exporters for biscuits & cookies in India.



Patanjali Ayurved company manufactures herbal products, biscuits, Toothpaste and other detergent products, also sells its products online with Grocery Stores like Big Basket and planning to open outlets like Star Bazaar.



Cremica Food Industries produces and markets premium quality biscuits, popular in India and across the globe. The company also produces healthy Mayonnaise, crackers and cream biscuits.



Oreo cream biscuits and cookies are very much popular in India especially among children, entered into the Indian biscuit market with Cadbury.



McVitie Biscuits & Cookies is the brand of British snack food owned by United Biscuits.

Bisk Farm


Bisk Farm biscuit brand owned by SAJ Food products and ranked amongst the top bakery brands in India. The company market and sell biscuits, cookies, cakes and rusks throughout Eastern and North India.

Dukes biscuit brand is another famous owned by Ravi Foods, also into the cookies, wafers to chocolates, candies and confectionery.

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