Top 12 Best Brands of Bottled Water in India

Drinking water is becoming one the major issue in India, hence bottled water industry has been grown like anything in last few decades. Top beverages companies of India like Bisleri by Parle Agro, Himalayan water, Kinley etc are commanding the most of market share.

Which is the best Bottled Water in India?

Bottled water industry of India offers one of the best growth in terms of valoume and revenue, Bisleri Mineral Water brand is the best and most selling packaged drinking water brand of India, holds 35% of Indian market share.

Bisleri, Parle Group


Bisleri is the most selling brand of bottled mineral water in India owned by Parle Group. Every bottle from bisleri is pure, safe and healthy drinking water, available in 20 litre pack for household, 5 litre pack for showrooms and 2 litre pack for long day consumption along with 1 litre bottle for an individuals.

Kinley, Coca Cola


Kinley brand of Bottled water is own by Coca Cola Company and offers two types of drinks, Packaged water bottle with reverse osmosis and carbonated water with wide variety of fruit flavors.

Aquafina, PepsiCo


Aquafina bottled water brand is a product of PepsiCo company and has become one of India’s leading packaged drinking water along with Kinley and Bisleri.

Bailley, Parle Agro


Bailley brand of bottled water is produce by Parle Agro and second most popular brand in packaged drinking water category, available in various pack sizes.

Himalayan, Tata Global Beverages


Himalayan water brand is a venture between Tata and PepsiCo, offers water bottled at source from the foothills of Himalayas and is the only natural mineral water brand in India with international certification.

Qua, Narang Group


Qua water brand by Narang Group is a premium natural mineral water from the Himalayan foothills and bottled at source and loaded with minerals.

Oxyrich, Manikchand


Manikchand Oxyrich healthy drinking water is a brand of packaged drinking water and also one of the ISO 22000:2005 certified bottled drinking water brand in India.

Rail Neer, IRCTC


Railneer brand of packaged drinking water is most selling brand of drinking water in India, produce by IRCTC and available to rail commuters in India as well as distributed to various railway stations.

Tata Water Plus


Tata Water Plus is another brand of bottled water from Tata Global Beverages, looks and tastes like normal water and available in 1 litre bottles and 200 ml pouches.

Kingfisher, United Breweries

Kingfisher bottled water by United Breweries is a premium drinking water brand with a million user base in India but you know what we made.

Pure Life, Nestle

Pure Life brand of bottled water is produced by Nestle company and one of the largest selling water bottle in the world.

Vedica, Bisleri


Vedica brand of natural water by Bisleri, offers the goodness of the mighty Himalayas in every sip, available in three pack sizes – 250ml, 500ml and 1litre.

Difference between Mineral Water and Packaged Drinking Water?

Mineral water contains minerals from the source or added artificially, safe and drinkable. On the other hand packaged water is sealed and clean for drinking.

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