10 Popular Ready To Cook Eat Foods in India

Ready to eat food market is growing very fast in India, The RTE food companies like Fazlani offers a gourmet experience with list of delightful cuisines of India.

Maggi Noodles, Nestle


Maggi brand of packaged instant noodles is the most popular in India, were returned to Indian market after lifted ban and again available at some of India’s biggest retailers like Future Group and Big Bazaar.

Maggi noodles are very popular not only in India but also in Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore where it has one of the largest market share.

Sunfeast YiPPee, ITC


Sunfeast’s Yippee noodles is now available in different flavors, also available on the list of online grocery stores like BigBasket in India. The noodles segment brand of ITC is made from Aashirvaad atta with four lip smacking variants.

MTR Sevai, MTR Foods


MTR foods company manufactures wide range of packaged foods in India, now owned by Norwegian Orkla Group. The company has manufacturing facility at Bangalore in India that offers traditional South Indian snacks item like

Fusilli Pasta, Disano


Disano is an Italian brand, launched pasta in India successfully across the all states with Universal Corporation. The Italian Indian made pasta promoted by Lucid as a new kind of Italian pasta brand in India.

French Fries, McCain Foods

McCain India is a leader of frozen foods in India, offering frozen snacks, frozen French fries and potatoes as best tasting snacks in just under 3 minutes.

Saffola Oats, Marico


Saffola Oats is a healthy and delicious easy to cook and read to eat food by Marico India company. Oats are very good ingredient for breakfast and offers range of health benefits as well as help in weight loose.

Rava Idali Mix, Nilons

Nilon’s instant Rava Idali is very soft and spongy mix with Nutritions like Carbohydrate, Protein and Energy. The smooth batter best for idli with sambhar and coconut chutney.

Instant Upma, PriyaFoods

Upma is a healthy and traditional south Indian breakfast usually served with peanut chutney, made from rava or suji. Priyafoods offers Instant Upma mix with instructions as well as Instant Dosa Mix and Ready to Eat food as well.

Corn Flakes, Kwality


Kwality is a produces of various types of dairy products like Curd, Yogurt and Ghee, also sells milk under the Kwality brand and very popular breakfast cereal Corn flakes.

Frozen Chicken, Venky’s

The processed chicken from venkys like Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Frank and Chicken Meat Balls are ready to eat food items with a very short duration of heat in a microwave or frying pan.

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