12 Most Selling Packaged Food Brands in India

Packaged foods are usually ready to eat without any preparation or require little bit of preparation, also include frozen foods, instant cup noodles, dry fruits, mixture and snacks item.

Here is the most popular brand of Packaged Food items available in India and commercially most selling in the country manufactured by known FMCG companies in India.

Lay’s, PepsiCo


Lay’s brand of potato chip is owned by PepsiCo, sold very much across the Indian daily stores and available in several flavors like India’s Magic Masala, Original Salted, American Salted and Sunkissed Tomato.

Uncle Chipps potato chips brand is also marketed in India and owned by PepsiCo, Though it was launched by Indian Amrit Agro and later on by Frito Lay.

Kurkure, PepsiCo


Kurkure is another most popular brand of corn puffs available in India by PepsiCo and developed entirely in the country from automated plants at Kolkata, Punjab and Pune.

Bingo, ITC Limited


Bingo mad angles is one of the Indian market leader of finger snacks with authentic flavours and made from sliced potatoes with exciting new flavours and sprinkled spices.

Yippee noodles is another most popular brand in instant noodles segment, was launched by Sunfeast and owned by ITC.

Too Yumm, RPG Group


Too Yumm brand of snacks item is owned by RPG Group ventured into the packaged snacks segment of FMCG business. RPG Group is also the owner of CEAT Tyres and Zensar Technologies IT company as well as KEC International.

Haldirams Namkeen, Haldiram’s


Haldirams is the most famous snacks and traditional namkeen manufacturer of India, offers a wide variety of Indian sweets, snacks and namkeens also produces list of ready to eat food products like Bhakarwadi.

Soya Stick is new range of product by Haldiram’s and one of the good alternative to the typical potato chips and snack item during tea time.

Wheels Wafers, Balaji


Balaji Wafers company is based in Gujarat that manufacture potato chips, Wafers, Wheels snack items as well as Namkeen snacks in various flavours.

Parle-G Biscuit, Parle Products


Parle G brand of biscuits is the best and most selling brand of biscuits in India, manufactured by Parle Products and one of the most trusted brand of India in FMCG segment.

Fruit Cake, Britannia


Britannia Fruit Cake can be used for breakfast and a ready to eat delicious cake slices with fruit and eggs, flavours of Chocolate, Orange, Milk, Butter and Pineapple.

Little Hearts, Britannia


Little Hearts is another most popular brand of ready to eat biscuits available in India from Britannia along with Tiger biscuits, rusk and other dairy products.

CRAX Corn Rings, DFM Foods


CRAX Corn Rings brand have become extremely popular snacks in India, introduced by DFM Foods public listed company. The company also offer range of products such as cheese balls,crunchy natkhat and Pasta Crunch.

Bikaji Bhujia

Bikaji Foods International at Bikaner of Rajasthan is a leading packaged foods FMCG brand in India, offering core products like Bhujia, Namkeen, Papad, Snacks and Sweets. The company also has retail outlet inside all major airports of India as well as additional international markets in Australia, Japan and Kenya.

Yellow Diamond – Chips

Potato chips from Yellow Diamond is very popular in Indore and now stands among the top snack manufacturing companies of India. Desi Namkeen company offers exceptional quality of home grown snack items from a fully automatic environments and the products include Chips, Namkeen, Chulbule, Wheels, Scoops and Katori.

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