Top 10 Best Brands of Green Tea in India

Green Tea is well known for list of health benefits and loaded with nutrients to boost your metabolism, immune system support, digestive benefits, promotes digestive health and can help you lose weight.

Tetley Green Tea


Tetley is the largest green tea company in India and subsidiary of Tata Tea, second-largest manufacturer of tea in the world.

Organic India Green Tea


Organic India produces organic herbal and Ayurvedic tea and well known for their Tulsi teas in India. The company also exports organic, herbal and Ayurvedic tea in US, Canada, and the UK.

Lipton Green Tea


Lipton brand of tea is owned by Unilever and the brands also include Lipton Yellow Label, Lipton Pyramid Tea and iced tea brand.

La Plant Green Tea


LaPlant Green Tea is another most popular green tea brands in India and new to the Indian tea market with good competition.

Twinings Green Tea


Twinings offers one of the best Green Tea in the business with a fresh taste, smooth flavor and host of health benefits.

Typhoo Green Tea


Typhoo brand of tea is one of the largest in United Kingdom and Indian arm of Typhoo is known as Apeejay Typhoo that manufacturing and selling products in India.

Himalaya Green Tea


Himalaya’s Green Tea is best known as herbal tea that facilitates weight loss, provides antioxidant protection and considered an antioxidant.

24 Mantra Green Tea


24 Mantra is one of the biggest and largest organic food brand in India that grow food which is free of chemicals and pesticides. Tulsi Ginger, Tulsi, Assam Tea, Green Tea and Tulsi Green Tea from 24mantra are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Organic Tattva Green Tea


Organic Tattva is another leading brand of organic food in India, offers list of products such as Organic Red Rice, Tamarind Paste, Organic Honey and Organic Green Tea.

Basilur Green Tea


Basilur Tea India offers wide range of teas and the Ceylon tea is a particularly prized form of black tea from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of the largest tea producers in the world and known for strong aroma.

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