Top 12 Well Known Ice Cream Brands In India

Ice cream market in India is booming from the last few years and there are list of India’s most promising brands of ice cream available in the country, Here is the list of most popular ice cream company in India and best selling ice cream brands.


Amul brand is managed by GCMMF and the largest producer of milk and milk products in the world. The Indian cooperative dairy company also has ventured into markets overseas, offering Amul ice cream made from fresh milk and available in wide range of flavours.

Mother Dairy


Mother Dairy company manufactures and sells edible oils, frozen vegetables and edible milk products such as paneer, ghee and ice cream under Mother Dairy brand. The company has a significant presence in most of the Indian cities offering edible oils brand Dhara, pickles, jams, fruit juices and Ice cream.

Kwality Wall’s


Kwality Wall’s is the brand of Hindustan Unilever company, The FMCG company is one of the major producer of frozen products in India. The frozen desserts, ice creams and popular products of Kwality Wall’s are crunching Cornetto, Magnum family moments with finest ingredients.

Natural Ice Cream


Natural Ice Cream brand manufactures 125 flavour of products under Kamaths Ourtimes Ice Creams and currently has 135 stores across India. The brand supplies ice cream to its own stores across India and also known for innovative ice cream flavours like cucumber, custard apple and seasonal flavors include litchi, fig and jackfruit.



Vadilal ice cream manufacturer offers wide range of ice creams of seasonal flavors in the country and one of the leading processed food manufacturers in India. Vadilal Industries has a very strong distribution network in India and also an exporter of frozen vegetables, ready to eat snacks.


Creambell ice cream company of India was started with French dairy major Candia and today with a presence in 19 states, the company has good market value in the Indian ice cream industry. The company has launched popular Pina-Orange and Chocolate Cookie variants of ice cream in India.

Arun Icecreams


Arun Icecreams is a popular brand of Hatsun Agro Product, One of the largest private sector dairy company in India also a fastest growing Asian dairy company and an exporter. Hatsun brand offers wide range of ice cream bars in suburban India and even rural areas with flavours of Indian sweets.

Top N Town

Top N Town sells flavours of ice creams & desserts made from best ingredients, The brand is most popular name in Central India along with Dinshaws and Vadilal.


Dinshaw’s ice-creams available mainly in Central India and also expanded business into several dairy products. The stores offers wide variety of ice-creams from Dinshaw’s with classic flavors such as Vanilla and Chocolate.



Havmor ice-cream brand is one of the leading ice-cream brands in India, now part of the South Korean major LOTTE Confectionery. The Ahmedabad based Havmor Ice Cream company has very strong presence in Gujarat as well as in rest of India and now the brand going global.

Baskin Robbins


Baskin-Robbins brand from America is popular chain of ice cream and cake shop, sells ice cream brands in nearly 50 countries. The company ice cream parlors offers 21 flavors as well as different flavor every day of any month.


Haagen-Dazs is an American brand of ice cream has franchises in India with popular flavors like vanilla, chocolate, and coffee. The company is a subsidiary of Nestle and General Mills, also into the business of frozen yogurt and gelato.

There are more Indian dairy co-operatives that sells milk products such as paneer, curds, milk and Ice Cream by different brands. Some of the well known brands also includes Karnataka Milk Federation, Sheetal Ice Cream,Cream Stone, Ideal Ice Cream, Pastonji ice cream, London Dairy Ice Cream and Krishna Ice Cream.

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