Antyodaya Express – General Coaches Train of IR

Antyodaya Express trains are designed and operated by Indian Railways with fully Unreserved/General – Coaches/Classes for common people. These trains features completely general coaches with mobile charging, water vending machines, coat hangers, smoke alarms, CCTV cameras and Bio-toilets.

The super-fast express train of the Indian Railways are hauled by WAP-4 or WAP-5 electric locomotives of Indian Railways and WDM-3A or WDP-4D diesel locomotive at other direction.

Features and Facilities in Antyodaya Express

Service: 4 March 2017
Operator: Indian Railways
Class: Unreserved General
Coaches: General LHB rakes
Seating Arrangements: Yes
Baggage facilities: Underseat & Overhead
Fire Extinguishers
Bio-Toilets Compartments
Smoke alarms and CCTV
LED screen display
Water vending machine
Devices charging points
Average speed of 62 km/h

The exterior of Antyodaya Express coaches are painted in yellow with use of Vinyl sheets and looks totaly different from the other Jan Sadharan series trains of Indian Railways.

Howrah – Ernakulam Antyodaya Express is the longest running Antyodaya Express, connecting Howrah with Ernakulam in Kerala that serves one of the most busiest corridor of migrant laborers movement in India.


What is the meaning of Antyodaya?

The word Antyodaya means uplifting of the weakest section of the society by providing subsidiary, facilities in low budget and schemes.

How many Antyodaya Express are running?

There are currently 16 set of Antyodaya Express running by Indian Railways in different routes, providing cheaper transport aimed at common people in similar line of Jan Sadharan Express. Out of 16 Antyodaya Express, 5 trains are conversion of Jan Sadharan Express from different routes, Jan Sadharan Express are also fully unreserved series of trains operated by Indian Railways.

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