Humsafar Express Fleets of Indian Railways

Humsafar Express are fully 3 AC premium trains designed and operated by Indian Railways for long haul routes and there are currently 35 sets of Humsafar fleets available. The long route full 3 Tier Sleeper Class train is a good alternative of Garib Rath Express but the fare is 15-20% higher to normal AC-3 tier.

About Humsafar Express

Humsafar Express trains of Indian Railways were announced as part of Railway Budget 2016, especially for the luxury travel of common man with 22 full AC coaches.

The attractive exterior of Humsafar Express with vinyl coating is as much as beautiful look wise as Tejas Express and Uday Express of IR.


The premium service Class Humsafar Express train of Indian Railways may replace Garib Rath in near future and will be listed among one of the fastest train in India with a top speed of 120 km/hr.

Facts and Figures of Humsafar Express

Service: 16 December 2016
Operator: Indian Railways
Class: 3A
Sleeping: Yes
Speed: Averages 61 km/hr
Coaches: LHB coaches
Baggage facilities: Underseat
Hauled by: WAP 7 Electric Locomotive and WDM 3A, WDP 4
First Hamsafar Train: (12571/12572) Gorakhpur – Anand Vihar Humsafar Express


The Champaran Humsafar Express train was flagged off by PM Modi is also flagged off the nation’s first 12000 HP Freight Electric Locomotive.


Palace Queen Humsafar Express train connects 5 western states of the nation namely, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Features of Humsafar Express


The fully AC III coaches of Humsafar Express are equipped with all the modern facilities, Vending machines, electric ports for mobile charger, Reading lights, comfortable berth, Bio-toilets, information system and smoke alarms and CCTV cameras.


Humsafar Express earlier had dynamic pricing, due to that Humsafar Express remains vacant but now the rates are fixed instead of variable.

New Updates:

Change in the methodology of Tatkal fare.
Added Sleeper class coaches in Humsafar trains.
Now Humsafar trains rates are fixed instead of variable.
Tickets under current booking shall be sold with 10% discount.


Is blanket provided in Humsafar Express ?

Yes, Khadi bedrolls are provided for all confirmed seats in Humsafar Express.

How many Humsafar Express are there in IR?

There are currently 35 sets of Humsafar fleets available in India, Most of the trains run Weekly or Bi-weekly.

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