Identify-10 Trains of Indian Railways by Colored Coaches

There are different trains of Indian Railways with different types of coaches with color, pattern, shades, signs and strip. Basically there was only one signature blue color of Indian Railways called ICF Coaches, then Deen Dayalu coaches for second class, ICF rakes, Model Rakes, LHB Coaches, Modern Coaches and now the best Anubhuti coaches.

The Colored Coaches of Indian Railways are designed particularly for some premium service trains with modern amenities like LED Lamps, non-AC Sleeper, AC Sleeper, bio toilers and long travel trains etc.

Rajdhani Express (Red Colour Coaches)

August-Kranti-Rajdhani Express

Rajdhani series of express trains are operated by Indian Railways for connecting New Delhi with the various states capital. They are fully air-conditioned trains with LHB Sleeper coaches by default Red in colour, known as Rajdhani liveried.

Shatabdi Express (Blue/Gray Coaches)


LHB coaches and ICF coaches are used in Shatabdi Express and now in addition blue colored Anubhuti Coaches. Shatabdi Express series of trains are among the fastest trains over short to medium distances and return to the station of origin the same day.

Tejas Express (Yellow Orange Coaches)


LHB chair car coaches of Tejas Express are painted yellow and orange, equipped with modular facilities and were manufactured at Integral Coach Factory of Chennai. Tejas Express is a semi-high speed train of Indian Railways and among the fastest trains of 2020,Mostly hauled by WAP-7 locomotive.

Humsafar Express (LHB Glossy Vinyl Coaches)


The premium service train of IR is designed and operated with all the modern facilities, There are currently 35 sets of Humsafar fleets. Humsafar Express coaches are following a new colour scheme with some prints of signature blue of Indian Railways.

Uday Express (Double Decker Yellow Orange)


Uday Express are Double Decker trains of Indian Railways painted orange and yellow with little red, just like Tejas Express. As of now there are only two active services of Uday Express in South India, Bangalore Coimbatore Uday Express and Visakhapatnam Vijayawada Uday Express.

Duronto Express (Yellow Green Livery Coaches)


Duronto Express of Indian Railways are long distance destination trains, coaches of Duronto have very unique characteristic of yellow-green livery. These trains run faster than Rajdhani Express with feature exclusive to Duronto is the LHB Sleeper coach.

Garib Rath Express (Green with Yellow Line Coaches)


Garib Rath express trains of Indian Railways are fully air-conditioned class passenger train, started by the Indian Railways in 2005. It is one of the faster with maximum speed of 130 km/h and has higher priority in Indian Railway Network along with Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto.

Antyodaya Express (Red Yellow Line LHB Coaches)


Antyodaya Express trains are fully general coaches rail with some basic facilities and new features. These are long distance and the exterior of coaches have a futuristic look with the use of vinyl sheets, See image for more details.

Mahamana Express (Purple Coaches)


The superfast express series of train by Indian Railways with purple coaches includes some modern facilities like LED lights, bio toilets, platform wash basin etc. The purple coaches of Mahamana Express are modified by Indian Railways under Make In India scheme.

Double Decker Express (Yellow-Red Double Coaches)

Double Decker Express are high priority trains, painted red and yellow and introduced on short travel routes. These AC Double Decker coaches are stainless steel LHB Coaches, manufactured at Kapurthala Coach Factory and first of its type.


Anubhuti Coaches/LHB Coaches/ICF Coaches

The luxury LHB coach of new series called Anubhuti coach introduced in Shatabdi and Rajdhani Express trains of Indian Railways. Shatabadi express coaches are produced at the Rae Bareli Modern Coach Factory. LHB passenger coaches of Indian Railways are designed for an operating speed of 160 km/h and mostly produced by Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala while ICF rail coaches manufactured in Integral Coach Factory of Chennai.

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