Timetable-Route and Schedule of Tejas Express

Tejas Express are among the top ten fastest trains in India, introduced by Indian Railways in 2017 and get the highest priority on the railway network. The coaches of Tejas Express trains are painted yellow and orange, just like Uday Express and are manufactured at Rail Coach Factory of Kapurthala.

About Tejas Express

Tejas Express started in 2017 with features modern onboard facilities with automatic doors, WiFi, magazines, suppression system and yes fares will be 20% to 30% more than Shatabdi fares.


Tejas Express trains are designed for a maximum speed of 200 km/h but due to track and safety constraints, currently the maximum operating speed of Tejas Express is 130 km/h and average speed of 65 km/h.


Tejas Express has 12 AC Chair Car coaches along with 1 AC Executive Chair Car and with 2 End-on Generator coaches, Mostly hauled by WAP-7 and WDM 3A from Mumbai to Karmali.

Figure and Facts of Tejas Express


Tejas Express Owner: Indian Railways
First Service: 24 May 2017
Operating speed: 130 km/h
First Tejas Express: Mumbai CSMT – Karmali Express
Seating: Yes
Sleeping: No
Number of Coach: 12 AC Chair Car
Class:AC Chair Car and Executive Chair Car
Facilities: Sensor doors, CCTV, alarms
Active Services: 3 Operational Train

Proposed Services

Amritsar – New Delhi Tejas Express
Mumbai – Surat route Tejas Express
New Delhi – Chandigarh Tejas Express
Ahmedabad-Mumbai Tejas Express by IRCTC

Lucknow New Delhi Tejas Express is India’s first train that is operated by private operators – IRCTC, a subsidiary of Indian Railways. The color coaches and class of full AC Tejas Express fleet are available with features like LED screen, sensors, coffee machine and catering service.


How many Tejas Express are there in India?

There are currently 4 operational Tejas Express trains of Indain Railways are running in India – Mumbai Karmali Tejas Express(22119/22120)
Chennai Madurai Tejas Express(22671/22672) and Lucknow New Delhi Tejas Express (82501/82502) and Tejas Express Ahmedabad to Mumbai.

Does Tejas Express provides free food?

No, Tejas Express does not provide food for free however there is Catering facilities available on the train.

The Fully air-conditioned fleet of Tejas Express coaches are manufactured at Rail Coach Factory in Kapurthala and at Integral Coach Factory of Chennai, seat up to 72 passengers each as well as executive chair cars.

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