Top 10 Fastest Duronto Express Trains of India

Duronto Express are long distance running source to destination trains run by the Indian Railways, connect the metro cities and state capitals of India. The Duronto Expresses run faster than Rajdhani Express and one of the fastest trains in India and also highest priority trains of Indian Railways at the speed limit of 130 km/h, here we are showing average speed of Duronto Expresses.

Sealdah – New Delhi Duronto Express (87 km/h)

Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Express train of Indian Railways is currently the fastest Duronto Express in India and also was the first Duronto Express. Sealdah railway station serving Kolkata and Howrah is one of the busiest railway stations in India

Howrah – New Delhi Duronto Express (84 km/h)

Howrah New Delhi Duronto Express operates between Kolkata and New Delhi with 5 stops between the two cities. The Kolkata Duronto is second fastest trains on this route after Delhi Duronto followed by Sealdah Rajdhani & Howrah Rajdhani with WAP-7 locomotive and latest Hybrid-LHB Coaches.

Allahabad – New Delhi Duronto Express (84 km/h)

Allahabad Duronto Express is the third fastest running Duronto Express and sixth fastest train in India. Allahabad New Delhi Duronto Express powered by Ghaziabad based WAP 5 Indian locomotive.

Pune – Ahmedabad Duronto Express (82 km/h)


Pune Ahmedabad Duronto Express connects Pune to Ahmedabad and fastest train on the route. The train only halts at two stations and Vadodara based WAP 5 or WAP 7 locomotives used for hauling.

Mumbai – New Delhi Duronto Express (82 km/h)

Mumbai New Delhi Duronto Express takes commercial halts and used WAP 4 or WAP 5 locomotive for hauling. The Rajdhani Express gets top-most priority on the route followed by Mumbai AC Duronto Express and listed as
fastest train in the Mumbai Delhi route.

Chennai – Nizamuddin Duronto Express (78 km/h)

Chennai Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express haul by Erode based WAP 7 and part of the Duronto Express series of trains belonging to Indian Railways.

Bhubaneswar – Delhi Duronto Express (77 km/h)

Bhubaneswar Duronto Express runs between capital city of Bhubaneswar and New Delhi and operated by East Coast Railway and uses hybrid-LHB coaches, hauled by Ghaziabad based WAP-7.

Lokmanya Tilak – Ernakulam Duronto Express (77.25 km/h)

Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Ernakulam Duronto Express is running bi-weekly through the India’s most scenic Konkan train route, between Kochi and Mumbai.

Mumbai Central–Rajkot Duronto Express (77.24 km/h)

Mumbai Central Rajkot Duronto Express is the fastest train on the Mumbai Rajkot route and regularly hauled by diesel-electric locomotive such as
WDM-3D and WDM-3A.

Secunderabad – Nizamuddin Duronto Express (76 km/h)

Secunderabad Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express is the fastest train secunderabad route. This superfast express train of the Indian Railways only has 4 stoppage between source to destination.

Indian locomotive class such as WAP 7, WCAM 3, WAP-5 and WAG-7 are used in India for passenger locomotive, Currently WAP-7 is the most powerful passenger locomotive in the fleets of Indian Railways and the WAG-12 is the most powerful freight locomotive in India, followed by WAG-9H freight locomotive.

Facts: Ernakulam Duronto Express runs between Kochi and New Delhi is the longest running Duronto express of Indian Railways and also longest non stop train by distance in the entire world, passes through the scenic Konkan Railway.

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