Top 10 Highest Priority Trains of Indian Railways Network

Indian Railways has one of the largest networks in the world and current operations cover twenty six states and three union territories across India. Gatimaan Express is the fastest train in India with a max speed of 160 km/h between Delhi and Agra. Here is the list of highest priority trains of Indian Railways network.

Rajdhani Express


Rajdhani Express trains get the highest priority on the Indian railway network and also among the fastest trains in India. They are fully air conditioned trains connecting New Delhi with other capital cities of other states.

  • Mumbai Rajdhani Express
  • Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express
  • Howrah Rajdhani Express

Shatabdi Express


Shatabdi Express connect metro Indian cities with other nearby important cities and get second highest priority on the network. The Shatabdi Express trains run over short distance and return to the station of origin the same day.

  • New Delhi Habibganj Shatabdi Express
  • Lucknow New Delhi Shatabdi Express
  • Bangalore Chennai Shatabdi Express

Duronto Express


Duronto Expresses are few stop long distance trains run by the Indian Railways, connect major cities to other major cities. These trains are as fast as Rajdhani and Shatabdi express and are one of the fastest trains in India.

  • Pune Howrah Duronto Express
  • Sealdah New Delhi Duronto Express
  • Mumbai New Delhi Duronto Express

Tejas Express


Tejas Express is among the fastest trains in India and get the highest priority on the Indian railway network along with with Rajdhani Express, Gatimaan Express, Shatabdi Express and Duronto Express. The train run at an average speed of 130 km/h and its India’s first semi-high speed full AC train with all the aircraft like features.

  • Mumbai CST – Karmali Tejas Express
  • New Delhi – Chandigarh Tejas Express
  • Lucknow Junction – Anand Vihar Terminal Tejas Express

Garib Rath Express


Garib Rath Express full air conditioned train started by the Indian Railways for long distance travel to passengers within affordable cost. Garib Rath trains run on a max speed of 130Kmph, significantly slower than India’s high speed trains.

  • Pune Nagpur Garib Rath Express
  • Sealdah Ranchi Garib Rath Express
  • Jabalpur Mumbai Garibrath Express

Double Decker Express


Double Decker Express have high priority and are considered among fast trains in India. Howrah Dhanbad Double Decker Express was the first superfast Double Decker train of Indian Railways, connected Kolkata with Dhanbad.

  • Howrah Dhanbad Double Decker Express
  • Goa Mumbai Double Decker Express
  • Mumbai Ahmedabad Double Decker Express

Jan Shatabdi Express

Jan Shatabdi Express trains are the lower version of Shatabdi Express and more affordable for common people. These are one of the most popular sets of trains run by the Indian railways with options AC chair car.

  • Raigarh Gondia Jan Shatabdi
  • New Delhi Dehradun Jan Shatabdi
  • Patna Ranchi Jan Shatabdi

Superfast Express


Superfast Trains of India have been superfast since their inauguration with max speed of 60 kilometres per hour. There are 450 pairs of Superfast trains ran on the Indian Railways network.

  • Sampark Kranti Express
  • Mahamana Express
  • Swarna Jayanti Express

Express/Mails Trains

Vivek Express-Longest Route

Express Mails trains in India run on average speed of 50 kilometres per hour with maximum number of stops. These trains have all Unreserved and general coaches, including new series of Antyodaya Express.

  • Vivek Express
  • Kavi Guru Express
  • Rajya Rani Express


Suburban Trains


Suburban rail in India are the public transport system for major cities of India. Suburban trains handle commuter traffic on daily basis, that include Mumbai Suburban Railway, Chennai Suburban Railway and Kolkata Suburban Railway.

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