Top 10 Must Visit Dam Destinations Around Pune

Pune is surrounded by picturesque hills, ghats roads,monsoon falls and list of dams. Here is the list of most popular dam destinations around Pune, Explore the best tourist places to visit near Pune for a Weekend Getaways.

Khadakwasla Dam – 20 km

Khadakwasla- Dam-Pune

Khadakwasla Dam across the river Mutha is located 20 km from Pune city. This place is one of the best places for young couples and 1 day trip from Pune.

Panshet Dam – 41 km

Panshet Dam on the Ambi river is one of the three major dams supplies drinking water to Pune. The backwater of Panshet dam attracts many visitors from Pune and Mumbai.

Mulshi Dam – 44 km

Mulshi Dam is a major dam on the Mula river of Pune, used for irrigation and electricity purpose. Recently Mulshi has been developed as a tourist destination around Pune.

Temghar Dam – 46 km

Temghar Dam on Mutha river is a 42m high earthfill and gravity dam. Temghar Dam is famous place near Pune, along with Varasgaon Dam and Panshet Dam.

Varasgaon Dam -55 km


Varasgaon Dam on Mose river is located around 40 km from Pune city. Varasgaon Dam along with Lavasa hill city are two most famous picnic spots near Pune.

Bhatghar Dam – 57 km

Bhatghar Dam on Yelwanti river is one of the oldest dam in Maharashtra, used for irrigation and hydroelectricity purpose.

Bhushi Dam – 68 km

Bhushi Dam is a must visit tourist place in Lonavala with visit timing from 9 am up to 3 pm.  The masonry dam is constructed on the Indrayani river and a very popular weekend destination around Pune.

Pavana Dam – 72 km

Pavana Dam is constructed across the Pavana river near Lonavla. The backwaters of Pavana Dam offers a wonderful view and best place near Pune to spend time with family.

Veer Dam – 70 km

Veer Dam constructed on Nira river, located near Shirwal around 70 km from Pune. This place have become a good bird watching spot around Pune and home to Bar headed Geese and Demoiselle Cranes.

Koyna Dam – 193 km

Koyna Dam is the largest dam of Maharashtra state, constructed on Koyna river and nestled in the Western Ghats. The dam creates Shivajisagar Lake with surface area of 891.78 km2.

Ujjani Dam – 156 km


Ujjani Dam in Solapur district is an earthfill cum Masonry gravity dam, on the Bhima river. The reservoir created by the dam has surface area of 337 km2, one of the  the largest backwaters in India and home to Bhigwan birdwatching especially flamingos.

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