Top 5 Largest Dam of Maharashtra

There are around 1821 notable large dam and reservoirs in Maharashtra, few of the most famous dams are khadakwasla dam near Pune, Mulsi dam,Panshet dam, radhanagari dam, Wilson Dam,Ujjani Dam, Koyna dam is the biggest dam of Maharashtra and has the underground power station. Please follow the link to know more about

Top 15 Notable Dams and Reservoirs in Maharashtra

1. Koyna Dam, Satara


The Rubble-concrete Koyna Dam constructed on Koyna River, located in Koyna Nagar, Satara district in the Western Ghats of India. It is the largest dams in Maharashtra with a total installed capacity of 1,920 MW.

Name -Koyna Dam
River -Koyna River
Height -103.2 m (339 ft)
Location -Koyna Nagar, Satara
Type -Rubble-Concrete
Reservoir -Shivasagar Lake
Water Capacity in TMC -105 TMC
Installed Capacity- 12 MW

2. Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad


The Jayakwadi Dam is one of the largest dam of Maharashtra, located Jayakwadi village of Aurangabad. Jayakwadi project is used mainly to irrigate agricultural land of drought-prone region of Marathwada and surrounding area has a garden known as Dnyaneshwar Udyan is one of the largest garden in Maharashtra and a bird sanctuary which is home for many species of resident and migrant birds.

Name -Jayakwadi Dam
River -Godavari River
Height -41.30 m (135 ft)
Location -Jayakwadi, Aurangabad
Type -Earthen dam
Reservoir -Nathsagar Lake
Water Capacity in TMC –
Installed Capacity- 12 MW

3. Ujjani Dam, Solapur


The Ujjani Dam is also known as Bhima Dam over the Bhima River, a tributary of the Krishna river, located near Ujjani village in Solapur. Ujjani Dam and its large water reservoir known as the Bhadalwadi Lake or Bhigwan Bird Sanctuary is one of the largest wetlands in India and protected under the Ramsar Convention site.

Name -Ujjani Dam,Bhima Dam
River -Bhima River
Height -56.4 m (185 ft)
Location -Ujjani, Solapur
Type -Earthfill cum Masonry Gravity
Water Capacity in TMC –
Installed Capacity- 19 MW

4. Isapur Dam, Nanded


Isapur Dam is an earthfill dam build over the Painganga River, situated at the Hingoli, Yavatmal, Nanded region of Maharashtra. It is one of the largest water reservoir in Maharashtra with the total height of 57 m.

5. Totladoh Dam, Nagpur


The Totladoh Dam is a gravity dam build across the Pench river near to Ramtek in Nagpur. Totladoh Dam and reservoir is surrounded by the beautiful Pench Tiger Reserve and home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Other large dams of Maharashtra also includes Yeldari Dam Parbhani district,Upper Wardha Dam in Amravati district, Mulshi Dam near Pune and Pimpalgaon Joge in Pune district.


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