Time to Explore the Unexplored and Surprisingly Beautiful Chhattisgarh

छत्तीसगढ़! The beautiful world of tribal India is a land for the people of different tribes and blessed with nature,rich in flora and fauna and majestic tall long series of hills and trees. Chhattisgarh is an amazing place that offers a perfect mix of beauty with Incredible Sights, many tribes and natural diversity.



The hilly terrain and dense forests of Kanger Valley National Park is home to one of the best-known caves in Chhattisgarh as well as in India called as Kutumsar Caves. Kotumsar Caves is India’s first and world’s second longest natural caves located in Jagdalpur and offers shelter to variety of fauna like bats, frogs, snakes, crickets, spiders, fishes, millipedes. Kailash Cave,Gadiya Mountain,Singhanpur cave and Ramgarh and Sita Bengra are other famous caves of Chhattisgarh, Kailash Caves got its name because of a huge stalagmite formation in the shape of Shivlinga at the end of the cave.



Chitrakote Falls and Tirathgarh Waterfalls are two most  most notable and famous Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh, located in Jagdalpur. Chitrakote Falls is also referred as the Niagara Falls of India is surrounded by dense lush green forest and listed amongst the most popular waterfalls in India and offers most spectacular view of Falls during the monsoon season. Other well known waterfalls are Chitradhara Waterfalls,Tamra Ghoomar Waterfalls and Mandawa Waterfalls,Jatmai-Ghatarani Waterfalls and Amrit Dhara Waterfall.



The state has so many famous and sacred temple of Shakti and Lord Shiva, Bambleshwari Temple,Chandrahasini Devi Temple,Danteshwari Temple and Mahamaya temple are few most visited pilgrimage place in Chhattisgarh. Danteshwari and Mahamaya are two Shakti Piths in Chhattisgarh and Bambleshwari Temple of Dongargarh is one of the most famous hilltop temple of goddess Shakti. Bhoramdeo temple is one of the most picturesque temple surroundings of Maikal mountains, dense forest and religious and erotic sculptures, also known as Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh.



The well known tribes in Chhattisgarh are the Gond,Bhunjia, Baiga,Abujmaria, Bisonhorn Maria Tribe, Parghi Tribe, Muria Tribe, Halba Tribe, Bhatra Tribe and Dhurvaa. Tribes of Chhattisgarh are an unique race who mainly inhabit in the dense forests of Bastar and follow the traditional rituals and superstitions. Bison Horn Maria is one of the famous tribal groups of India and known to protect the village from any external or black magic.



Kanker Palace is a heritage hotel at Kanker located in the scenic landscape and the lush gardens surrounding the palace is inspiring. Bastar Palace and Kawardha Palace are two more stunning palace offers artifacts and portraits of the rulers located in bastar, one of the prime tourist attractions in Jagdalpur and Maikal Ranges.


The state of Chhattisgarh is an interesting tourist spot with  popular attractions of waterfalls,springs and lakes. Major lakes in Chhattisgarh are Dalpat Sagar Lake, Budhpara Lake,Vivekanand Sarovar,Sunga Lake,Sukha Lake,Ganga Munda Lake and Bhilai Lake. Dalpat Sagar Lake is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Chhattisgarh and full of lotus and water lily, There is an old temple located at the center island of the Dalpat Sagar.

Wildlife Sanctuary


Chhattisgarh has two National Parks named as Indravati National Park and Kanger Valley National Park,both located in Jagdalpur in Bastar district and famous for its unique and diverse wildlife which includes Tiger,Panther,Gaur,Blue bull, Chousingha, Wild Buffalo,Hayna and Wild bear. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary,Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary are two more wildlife Sanctuary houses to number of endangered animal species such as wild bison,wild Boar,Blue bull,Striped Hyena, Flying Squirrels, Cobra, Python and number of beautiful birds.


Chattisgarh tribal art and Handcarfts are most famous such as Bamboo work,Wood Craft, Clay Relief Work and metal art. The beautiful forms of Handicrafts are popular for its intricate work, Bastar region is the place where most of this handicrafts are made. Kosa silk produced in the Chhattisgarh region and known for its comfort and popular in other countries.

Wild Fruits


There are so many wild plant-foods of the tribal of Chhattisgarh such as Mahua,kosam,tendu,Acai Berry and Mulberry. Wild Fruits and plants of Chhattisgarh are also used for Medicine purpose.


Villages of Chhattisgarh are the most beautiful and amazing place to visit, A journey through the tribal heartlands of Central India where primitive Tribes lives, a fascinating insight into the tribal Villages.



Some of  the tribal population of Chhattisgarh still believe in witchcraft and still practice the black magic and way to control the supernatural forces of nature. Older women are believed to have access of black magic and accused of being witches or tonhi.


The state has one of the richest biodiversity habitats in the country, rich wildlife, several species of exotic flora and fauna and mineral resources. The Herbal state of Chhattisgarh has many plants having medicinal importance available in the dense forests of district Dantewada some are of very rare verity.

Maikal Hills


The densely forested and thinly populated range of Maikal Hills located at eastern part of the Satpuras in Kawardha District. Maikal Hills are inhabited by two tribal peoples, the Baigas and the Gonds,and the hill range is very rich in flora and fauna wealth. Maikal Hills mountain range is home to Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary and connect to Kanha National Park.


Mainpat is a gem of a hill station in Chhattisgarh along with Chirmiri, a very beautiful hill station and is very green city it’s hill very large. Mainpat and Chirmiri are most Popular Hill Station in the state, Rajmergarh is another beautiful site in the destination of Choktipani.

Festival and Fairs


Raut Nacha,Hareli and bastar dussehra along with Madai Festival are the most famous in the state, Cher Chera Festival is a harvest festival celebrated by locals of Chattisgarh. The Hareli festival is one of the popular festivals of Chhattisgarh celebrate in the month of monsoon.

Paddy Fields


Chhattisgarh is known as Dhan ka Katora means Rice Bowl of India, It is home to more than 22,000 varieties of indigeous rice and has a rich tradition of food culture. Most of the traditional and tribal foods are made of rice and rice flour such Bore Baasi even the Kosna is local drink made by rice only.

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