Tourist Places and Attractions In and Around Raigarh

Raigarh is one of the rapidly growing industrial city of Chhattisgarh state,known for its coal reserves and power generation. It is a cultural city famousĀ  for its Kathak dance and classical music as well as for Kosa. The city has list of tourist attractions and listed as one of the most favorite tourism destination in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Raigarh Fort

Raigarh Fort

Raigarh Fort is one of the oldest fort in the state of Chhattisgarh, located on the bank of Kelo river near Urdana road. The fort is one of the prime tourist attraction of Raigarh along with a lake and near by temple.

Ram Jharna


Ram Jharna is the famous waterfalll and a beautiful tourist destination near Raigarh, Located at a distance of just 18 Kms from the city. Ram jharna of Bhupdeopur is a famous picnic spot with natural resource and wild animals such as monkeys, deer and birds.

Singhanpur Caves


Singhanpur Cave is most popular ancient caves,situated 20 kms. away from Raigarh. The rock painting of Singhanpur caves are said to be oldest sculptures on earth and this place offers wonderful trekking experience through Jungle.

TV Tower


Raigarh TV Tower is one of the tallest TV tower in the state, situated at Chote Atar Mura area of Raigarh on the Odisha road. TV tower is used to broadcast television and radio channels, now the area is growing in terms of residential colonies.

Gajmar Pahadi


Gajmar Pahadi is a sub mountain range located at outskirt village of Raigarh and Odisha border. This long mountain range is home to many wild plants,fruits and animals, such as Leopard,bear,Hyena and rock python.

Temples of Raigarh


Raigarh is home to some of the most beautiful Hindu temples such as Gaurishanker Mandir,Pahad Mandir,Budhi Mai Temple and Sai Mandir.


Famous temples of Raigarh also includes Balaji Temple,Shyam Mandir,Hanumanji Temple, Gaytri Mandir,Durga Mandir,Pandripani Shiva Temple and Mankeshwari Mandir.


The most famous temples of Raigarh are Gaurishanker Mandir, Pahad Mandir, Banjari Mandir,Sai Mandir,Budhi Mai Temple,Shani Mandir and Chandrashani Devi Mandir. We are going to add more photos of all the Temples of Raigarh.

Kamala Nehru Park

Kamala Nehru Park is located at Chakradhar Nagar area of Raigarh and one of the prime attraction of the city. The park has wide range of children play-zones,play area and swing thing.

Haritima Garden

Haritima is a tourist garden and children play area, situated at South Chakradhar Nagar on TV tower road. This eco park is one of the prime attraction for nature lovers, specially for old age and kids for a nature walk and weekend destination.

Chakradhar Samaroh

Chakradhar Samaroh is a one of the major Sangeet festival, held in the memory of Great Presonality Maharaja Chakradhar Singh. Raigarh Chakradhar Samaroh is one of the most famous festival of Raigarh along with Raut Nacha,Cher Chera festival and Hareli Festival.

Indira Vihar Zoo

Indira Vihar is a small zoo located at Boirdadar Vinobanagar area of the city. Indira Vihar zoo is home to small mammals such as wild board, Rabbits, Monkeys, porcupine and many species of birds and reptiles.

Rabo Dam

Rabo Dam is one of the major dam build across the river Kelo near Raigarh. The dam has become one of the prime tourist attraction and famous picnic spot for the people of Raigarh.

Kelo River

River Kelo is the major river of Raigarh and a major tributary of Mahanadi river. Kelo river runs through the dense forests and irrigates the agricultural lands of Raigarh and near by area but its has been dying a slow painful death because of industry waste, illegal sand and construction of dam.

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary

Gomarda Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous place to visit near Raigarh, this wonderful wildlife reserve is located in Sarangarh Tehsil, nearly 60 kms away from Raigarh. Gomarda reserve forest is home to exotic wildlife such asĀ  Chinkara, Wild Buffalo, Sloth Bear, Jackal,Chausingha,Gaur,Hill Myna, Green Pigeon and Wild Boar.

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