Top 10 Most Beautiful Garden Flowers of India

Indian garden plants are mostly flowering plants that have religious significance too. Some of the most popular flowers of India in Hindi language are known as बेला, गुलाब, जूही, चंपा- चमेली. Here is the list of best types of flowers to plant in your backyard garden.

Plumeria – चंपा


Plumeria flowering plant cultivated around the world and associated with worship in India. plumeria rubra with champa are found in most of Indian temples.

Indian Lotus – कमल


Indian Lotus is an aquatic plant, cultivated in water gardens. Nelumbo nucifera is the national flower of India and also the state flower of several Indian states.

– Nymphaea nouchali


Nymphaea nouchali are known by names blue lotus, star lotus or water lily, The plant is native to region of the Indian subcontinent and used as an ornamental plants as well as considered a medicinal plant in Indian Ayurvedic.

Tuberose  – रजनीगंधा

Polianthes tuberosa is known Nishigandha or Rajnigandha in India, the flower which smells good at night. Tuberose used in perfumery and can be grown outdoors and also used in cooking.

Hibiscus – गुडहल 


Hibiscus rosa sinensis flowering plant is edible and used for the worship of devi in India. The flower is an ornamental plant and available in many different colours.

Jasminum Sambac – मोगरा


Indian Jasmine commonly called Mogra is the most beautiful garden flowering plant in India, used for making perfumes, flavor Jasmine tea and Gajra.

– Jasmine

Jasmine species of known by different names in India, common Jasmine (चमेली), Arabian Jasmine is known as (बेला) and Jasminum auriculatum is known as (जूही)

Night Flowering Jasmine – पारिजात 


Night Flowering Jasmine or parijat tree is one of the tree that has religious Hindu stories. The parijat flower is the state flower of West Bengal and commonly called as Indian night jasmine.

Night Blooming Jasmine – रातरानी


Night Blooming Jasmine or raatrani is native to the islands of West Indies but found in India too. The nocturnum flowering plant is an ornamental plant and heavily perfumed at night.

Nerium oleander – कनेर


Nerium oleander is an ornamental plant and most commonly known as nerium in India. The plant and flower of Oleander is the most poisonous commonly grown garden plants in India along with Yellow Kaner, relative of Nerium oleander.

Epiphyllum oxypetalum – निशागंधी


Epiphyllum oxypetalum also known as Orchid Cactus is a very unique plant, commonly known as Brahma Kamal in India but actually its not the Brahma Kamal.

The nightblooming cactus claims to be the flower of Saussurea obvallata, real Brmaha Kamal (ब्रम्‍ह कमल) from the beautiful flower valley of Himalaya and state flower of Uttarakhand.

Ixora Singapuri – रुग्मिनी


Ixora Singapuri has around 562 species (Red, Pink, white) and commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. The flowering plant commonly used in ayurveda and Indian folk medicine as well as used in Hindu worship.

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