10 Large Dams of Maharashtra By Height and By Storage

Maharashtra is the one of the big state having source of two biggest river of India in terms of water inflows and river basin area, Godavari and Krishna river. There are around 1821 small, large and big dams in Maharashtra, build on major rivers including Koyna river, Bhima river and Wardha Wainganga river.

Which is the Biggest Dam in Maharashtra?

Koyna Dam is the biggest dam of Maharashtra by height (103.2 m), across Koyna river in Mahabaleshwar and Ujjani Dam is the largest dam in Maharashtra in terms of total storage capacity of 3,140,000,000 m3 while Koyna has total capacity of 2,797,400,000 m3.

Tallest Dams of Maharashtra By Height

Maharashtra has around 1820 notable dams in the state across different rivers, Koyna Dam is currently the largest dam in terms of height followed by Bhatsa Dam and Middle Vaitarna Dam.

Koyna Dam (103m)

Koyna Dam constructed at 103.2 m height on Koyna river in the Western Ghats, The reservoir called Shivsagar Lake has a length of 50 km. The largest dams of Maharashtra also house largest hydroelectric power plant in India, And a popular tourist attraction with near by Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Bhatsa Dam (88.5m), Thane


Bhatsa Dam near Shahapur in Thane district is an earthfill and gravity dam with 88.5 m height and 959 m length is second highest dam in Maharashtra by height, the power plant has a capacity of 15MW.

Bhatsa dam with 88.5 m height has one of the largest surface area and water capacity in terms of gross storage capacity.

Middle Vaitarna Dam (84 m)

Middle Vaitarna Dam is the third tallest dam in Maharashtra by height built on the Vaitarna river. Vaitarna Dam (82m) and Upper Vaitarana Dam are two more dam built on Vaitarna river located in Palghar and Nashik district, a good hangout place near Nashik during monsoon.

Bhandardara Dam (82.35)

Wilson Dam is known as Bhandardara Dam and the reservoirs know as Arthur Lake, located near the holiday resort village called Bhandardara.

Bhandardara is a famous tourist place of Maharashtra, home to Mount Kalsubai, Randha falls, Wilson Dam,Amriteshwar Temple, Ghatghar, Ratnagad fort, Arthur Lake, Sandhan valley and also popular place for angling in India.

Totladoh Dam (74.5m)

Totladoh Dam and reservoir built on Pench river in Nagpur district, also with adjoining state of Madhya Pradesh.

Kalammawadi Dam (73.08m), Kolhapur

Kalammawadi Dam near Radhanagari is the biggest dam in Kolhapur, used for irrigation as well as listed as one of the best place for Kolhapur Tourism. The gravity dam built on Dudhaganga river and the surrounding forest area is home to endangered Indian bison wild animal.

Largest Dams of Maharashtra By Storage Capacity

Ujjani Dam is NOT the tallest in height like Koyna dam but is the largest dam of Maharashtra in terms of total capacity of reservoir.

Ujjani Dam, Solapur


The Ujjani Dam on Bhima river, also known as Bhima Dam is an earthfill cum Masonry gravity dam, located in Solapur district of Maharashtra. The large reservoir created by Ujjani Dam offers benefits of irrigation, fisheries and also a good bird watching point near Pune especially flamingos.

Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad

Jayakwadi Dam and reservoir provides water for industrial, drinking and irrigation usage for Aurangabad and Jalna district. The project is listed as one ofthe largest irrigation project in Maharashtra, build on Godavari river also the dam is listed as one of the largest earthen dams in Asia.

Koyna Dam

Koyna dam reservoir is known as Shivsagar Lake, which is about 50 km long with surface area – 891.78 km2. The hydroelectric power plant has total installed capacity of 1,920 MW and dam has a capacity of 98.78 TMC .

Isapur Dam, Nanded


Isapur Dam of Nanded is built over the Penganga river and listed as one of the biggest dam in Maharashtra state, also a prominent tourist attraction in Nanded along with Shembaleshwar temple and Anchuleshwar temple.

Totladoh Dam

Totladoh Lake on Pench river is a popular Tourist attraction along with Pench wildlife sanctuary and a lifeline of Nagpur for drinking water.

Yeldari Dam, Yeldari

Yeldari Dam is the second largest dam in Marathwada region, after Jayakwadi Dam with large surface area. The big reservoir is a popular tourist attraction on Purna river near Yeldari.

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