11 Medium Sized Dams of Indian States

Indian dams are the Great Architecture of Engineering and one of the best picnic spot around the town. These famous dams of Indian states offers a good place to hangout, water sports and fishing. The list does not includes the 5 biggest and 10 major Dam of India, Please follow the respective link for more details about the Dams.

Baglihar Dam -Jammu and Kashmir


The world famous Baglihar Dam or Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project is build across the Chenab River at Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir. The run of the river power project is one of the most controversial dam project in India, as its construction began in 1999 and completed on October 2008.

Type of Dam: Gravity Dam
Height:     144 m (472 ft)
Volume: 1,800,000 m3
River: Chenab

Pong Dam -Himachal Pradesh


The world famous Pong Dam also known as Beas Dam, built across the Beas river in Himachal Pradesh. Pong Dam is a earth cum rock fill dam and highest of its kind in the country with five tunnels.The reservoir  create by Pong Dam is known as Maharana Pratap Sagar, a well known water sports destination and famous lake bird sanctuary.

Type of Dam:  Earth-fill Embankment Dam
Height :    133 m (436 ft)
Volume:  35,500,000 m3
River:  Beas

Rana Pratap Sagar Dam -Rajasthan


Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is Multipurpose gravity masonry dam built across the river Chambal at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan. Its one of the four projects of the Chambal river Valley series.The wetland created by Gandhi Sagar Dam and Rana Pratap Sagar reservoir are one of the important aquatic area bird species.

Type of Dam:  Gravity Masonry Dam
Height :    53.8 metres (177 ft)
Volume:  1,566,520,000 m3
River :  Chambal

Ukai Dam -Gujarat


The Ukai Dam is one of mega dam of Gujarat with the largest reservoir, built across the Tapti River near Surat. Ukai Dam reservoir is known as Vallabh Sagar with storage capacity of almost 46% of the total capacity of all the other existing dams in Gujarat.

Type of Dam: Gravity dam
Height :    43 metres (140 ft)
Volume:  3,357,000,000 m3
River :    Tapti

Ujjani Dam -Maharashtra


The Ujjani Dam of Maharashtra also known as Bhima Dam is an earth-fill cum Masonry gravity dam located near Ujjani in Solapur district. Ujjani Dam is one of the biggest dam in Maharashtra and the largest in the famous Bhima valley of Bhimshankar in the Western Ghats.
Type of Dam: Earthfill cum Masonry gravity Dam
Height:     56.4 m (185 ft)
Volume:  3,320,000 m3
River:    Bhima

Salaulim Dam -Goa


The Salaulim Dam is a earth-cum-masonry dam built across the Salaulim River, tributary of the Zuari River in Goa. Beautiful Salaulim Dam is the only Dam of its kind in India with spillway, the unique Duckbill type structure in the gorge.

Type of Dam: Earth dam with concrete Spillway
Height:   42.7 metres (140 ft)
Volume:  227,000,000 m3
River:    Salaulim

Bhadra Dam -Karnataka

Bhadra Dam

The Bhadra Dam is built across the Bhadra River, a tributary of Tungabhadra River at Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. Bhadra Dam is one of the most popular spot in Karnataka for the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and major species of river fish.

Type of Dam: Masonry gravity Dam
Height:    59.13 metres (194.0 ft)
Volume:  199,800,000 m3
River:   Bhadra

Idukki Dam -Kerala


The great Idukki Dam is built across the Periyar river, the largest river of Kerala. Giant arch dam is stands between the two major mountains Kurathimala and Kuravanmala in Idukki district Idukki Dam is counted as Asia’s biggest Arch Dam and one of the highest arch dams in the world.

Type of Dam:  Arch dam
Height:    168.9 m (554 ft)
Volume:  1,996,000,000 m3
River:   Periyar

Sathanur Dam -Tamil Nadu


The Sathanur Dam is built across the Pennaiyar River in Thandarampet Taluk at Chennakesava Hills of Tamil Nadu. Sathanur Dam is famous for its Parks and gardens along with a fish grotto and large crocodile farm.

Type of Dam: Gravity dam
Height:  119 feet
Volume: 207,300,000 m3
River:   Pennaiyar

Srisailam Dam -Andhra Pradesh


The Srisailam Dam is constructed across the river Krishna in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Srisailam Dam is 2nd largest capacity hydroelectric project of India with an height of 145 m (476 ft) and Installed capacity of 1,670 MW.

Type of Dam: Gravity dam
Height :  145 m (476 ft)
River:   Krishna

Deras Dam -Orissa


The famous Deras Dam is located near Bhubaneswar, Its a medium size dam used for irrigation purpose and known for its scenic beauty around. Deras Dam is one of the most popular site for picnic and other outdoor activities like fishing.

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