12 Barrage Projects and Dams On Godavari River

Godavari River is the second longest river in India after the Ganga, originates in Triambakeshwar of Maharashtra and emptying into Bay of Bengal.

The river is also known as Dakshina Ganga and has one of the largest river basins in the Indian subcontinent. Before emptying into Bay of Bengal in the Konaseema region, the river splits into two branches and again splits into another two branches.

Gangapur Dam

Gangapur Dam in Nashik over the Godavari river is an earthfill dam and the reservoir known as the Gangapur Bandh Sagar.

Jayakwadi Dam

Jayakwadi Dam is one of the largest irrigation project in Maharashtra and the dam has a garden and a bird sanctuary. Jayakwadi project along with Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary and Dnyaneshwar Udyan are major attractions of Maharashtra.

Babli Barrage

Babhali dam project or Babli barrage across the river Godavari in Maharashtra, located in Nanded district. The controversial barrage with a legal battle between Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra was also demanded for demolition.

Dowleswaram Barrage


Dowleswaram Barrage is located just before the Godavari river empties into the Bay of Bengal and part of Rajahmundry Municipal Corporation.

Dummugudem Barrage


Dummugudem Barrage located near Dummugudem is a lift irrigation projects, planned to supply irrigation water to Khammam district in Telangana.

Vishnupuri Barrage

Vishnupuri Barrage is largest lift irrigation projects in Maharashtra, situated near Nanded city.

Sriram Sagar Project

Sriram Sagar Project is a unique flood flow water project across river Godavari in Telangana. The project is part of the Godavari River basin irrigation projects, Godavari basin is the highest among all the river basins in India.

Polavaram Project

Polavaram irrigation project across the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh state is one of the largest multi purpose irrigation project in India. Under the national river linking project, surplus water of Godavari River basin will be transferred to the Krishna River basin.

Polavaram dam across the Godavari river is located near the range of the Eastern Ghats and the project will have lift water optuion from Polavaram Right Main Canal.

Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project

Kaleshwaram project in the village at the juncture of the rivers Godavari and its tributary Pranahita is one of the major irrigation project of Telangana.

The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is designed with many unique features such as longest tunnel to carry water in Asia, utilize the highest capacity pumps,designed to irrigate 7,38,851 hectares land and has the storage of about 148 tmc ft, will be ready by June 2018.

Devadula Irrigation Scheme

Devadula lift irrigation scheme is second biggest of its kind in Asia, The project designed to lift water from the River Godavari to drought prone Telangana state.

Icchampally Project

Icchampally Dam Project will have the huge storage reservoir in India and the site located at downstream of the point where Indravati River joins Godavari river is very favourable to construct dam economically.

Sripada Yellampalli Project

Sripada Yellampalli project is fourth largest on the Godavari River in Telangana region, located at Yellampalli Village. The project is designed to utilize water for electrical energy, irrigation and to supplying drinking water.

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