15 Worst Ever Floods in India Over Last Decade

Flooding occurs during the time of heavy rainfall in India and causes large amount of damages and deaths. India witnesses flood due to notably recorded rainfalls, overflow of rivers and dams.

– 2018 Kerala Floods

2018 Kerala floods is a big disasters,more than 36,000 people displaced across the state and 445 people died, In addition to all the 5 gates of the Idukki Dam were opened for the first time in history.

It was the worst flooding in Kerala and had been directly affected all 14 districts of the state

2017 Mumbai Flood

2017 Mumbai flood was the second worst regional flooding in Mumbai and can be compared with the 2005 floods. Due to climate change Mumbai received 468 mm of rainfall in twelve hours.

2017 Gujarat Flood

2017 Gujarat flood was occured due to heavy inflow to Dharoi Dam and Dantiwada Dam, along with neighbouring state of Rajasthan.

2017 West Bengal Floods

Cyclone Komen was responsible for more rain in July and caused dangerous floods in West Bengal along with neighbouring state of Jharkhand.

2017 Bihar Flood

2017 Bihar flood was result of water discharge into the Himalayan rivers of Gandak and Kosi (Sorrow of Bihar). The state of Bihar is India’s most flood prone State and receives heavy rainfall in monsoon season.

2017 Northeast India Floods

The 2017 Northeast India floods was due to the overflowing of Brahmaputra river and affected 15 districts of Assam state.

2016 Brahmaputra Floods

Brahmaputra floods or 2016 Assam floods was affected 1.8 million people in India as well as wildlife of Kaziranga National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

2015 Chennai Floods

2015 South Indian floods mostly affected the Coromandel Coast region and particularly the city of Chennai. Chennai, Cuddalore and Chidambaram districts were among those most severely affected districts.

2015 Gujarat Flood

2015 Gujarat flood in June and July was part of the Gujarat cyclone and Amreli district was badly affected. Gir Forest National Park was severely affected and large number of cattle died in three districts.

2015 Assam Floods

2015 Assam floods was again due to the heavy rainfall and overflowing of Brahmaputra river. The flooding have caused numerous landslides and the region is possibly India’s most flood prone region.

2014 Kashmir Floods

2014 Kashmir Floods was partially affected 1000 villages of Jammu and Kashmir state and few city areas were submerged under water.

2013 North India Floods

2013 North India floods in Uttarakhand was a flash flood occurred due to heavy rainfall with floods and landslides, India’s most recent natural disaster since the 2004 tsunami.

2012 Brahmaputra Floods

2012 Brahmaputra floods was again due to the Brahmaputra river and its tributaries, affected Kaziranga National Park.

2008 Bihar Flood

2008 Bihar flood was another most disastrous floods in the state and affected over 2.3 million people, killed 250 people.

2007 Bihar Flood

2007 Bihar flood was worst flood in Bihar in the last 30 years and had affected an estimated 10 million people. Bihar and Uttar Pradesh were the most affected state and worst flood in the living memory of Bihar.

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