India’s 10 Dam with Run of the River Hydroelectric Power Stations

The hydroelectric power stations that generate power using the run-of-the-river or ROR method. In recent years, run-of-the-river hydropower projects have emerged as a viable, low-impact alternative to existing large-scale projects, Indian has number of hydroelectric power stations such as Baglihar Dam,Nathpa Jhakri and Shringar Hydropower Station,Ratle Hydroelectric Plant,Maheshwar Hydropower Plant and Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant are under construction.

Baglihar Dam


Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project or Baglihar Dam is a run-of-the-river power project on the Chenab River in Jammu and Kashmir.

Chenab River
Height 144 m
Installed Capacity 900-MW

Ichari Dam

Nathpa Jhakri


Nathpa Jhakri Dam is a concrete gravity dam with run-of-the-river hydroelectric power project with the 1,500 megawatts supplies with water to a underground power station on the Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh.

Satluj River
Height -62.5 m
Installed capacity 1,500 MW

Koteshwar Dam

The gravity dam on the Bhagirathi River has a 400 MW of run-of-the-river power station, located 22 km (14 mi) downstream of the Tehri Dam of Uttarakhand.

Height -97.5 m
Bhagirathi River
Installed capacity 400 MW

Pandoh Dam

Dharasu Power Station

Subansiri Lower Dam


Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project or Subansiri Lower Dam is a gravity dam on the Subansiri River in northeastern India. The run of the river project by NHPC Limited is located on the border of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh states.

Height-116 m

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant

Jhelum River
Height 37 m
Installed Capacity 330 MW.

Chutak Hydroelectric Plant

Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Plant

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