Worst Cyclone Floods and Stampede in Chennai City

Northeast Monsoon is also known as the Retreating Monsoon in Indian subcontinent,traveling towards the Indian Ocean from the Bay of Bengal. The state of Tamil Nadu received 50% to 60% of the rain from the Northeast Monsoon during November-December months and the heavy rainfall during the annual northeast monsoon affected the states due to the floods.

2015 South Indian Floods


The 2015 South Indian floods occurred during the month of November-December 2015 due to the heavy rainfall of annual retreating northeast monsoon. The city of Chennai was most affected,over 1.8 million people have been affected,200 people have died and the flood caused damages and losses.

2005 Chennai Floods

The 2005 Chennai floods was one of the worst floods to have hit the city of Chennai,Over 50 people were killed. The floods occurred during the North-East monsoon season November-December 2005.

1943 Madras Floods

1943 Madras floods occurred during the annual northeast monsoon in Madras or Chennai. In October 1943, Madras experienced its worst floods in living memory and considered to be the worst-ever floods to hit the city of Chennai.

2005 November-December Chennai Stampede

The 2005 November Chennai stampede incident occurred after the 2005 flood on the outskirts of Chennai city. 2005 December Chennai stampede incident happened during he relief supply distribution for the people affected by severe flooding.

2012 Cyclone Nilam

Cyclonic Storm Nilam was the deadliest cyclone affect South Indian state of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Chennai and Mahabalipuram were wrost hit area,3,150 people were evacuated around Mahabalipuram and Chennai.

2008 Cyclone Nisha

Cyclonic Storm Nisha in the Bay of Bengal was ninth cyclone of the 2008 North Indian Ocean cyclone season. It caused some notable damage in Tamil Nadu,At least 189 people were killed by the heavy rains and floods.

2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami arrived in the states of Tamil Nadu at 9:05 a.m in the city of Chennai. The tsunami was run only 1.6 m in areas of Kanniyakumari, Cuddalore and Chennai districts on 26th December 2004.

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