10 Tibetan Wild Animals and Birds Found in India

Tibetan Plateau in Asia is the highest region on Earth and home to highest mountain, unique culture,rare Steppe wilderness and amazing wildlife. Most common Tibetan wild animals found in Leh Ladakh region of India are Tibetan wild dog,tibetan wild ox, Mountain weasel,Tibetan wild cat,tibetan wild yak, Tibetan Antelope,Tibetan Wild Ass,Woolly hare,Tibetan Yak,Tibetan Snowcock and Tibetan Eared Pheasant.

Tibetan dog breeds are also found in India include Tibetan Mastiff,Tibetan Spaniel and Tibetan Terrier.

Tibetan Antelope


Tibetan Antelope also known as Chiru is a medium sized bovid, found only in Tibetan plateau and across the border in Ladakh. Chiru have become endangered due to poaching and only fewer than 75,000 individuals are left in the wild.

Tibetan Wild Ass


Tibetan Wild Ass are commonly known as Kiang, found on the Tibetan Plateau and between the Himalayas in Ladakh. Kiang is the largest of the wild asses, inhabit alpine meadows and alpine grasslands.

Tibetan Wolf


Tibetan Wolf also known as the woolly wolf is subspecies of great grey wolf, known to occur in Kashmir, Ladakh and Lahul valley. Tibetan wolf and Himalayan wolf are two large species of canid found in Himalayan state of India.

Tibetan Gazelle


Tibetan Gazelle or Goa antelope is a small antelope that inhabits the Tibetan plateau and Ladakh and Sikkim regions of India. Goa antelopes are found in small family groups at high elevation steppe and Alpine meadows.

Tibetan Sand Fox

Tibetan Sand Fox or simply as the sand fox is a small and compact species of true fox, endemic to Ladakh and Tibetan Plateau. Tibetan foxes are found in arid grasslands and primarily prey on pikas,Marmot,hares and lizards.

Tibetan Hare

Tibetan Woolly Hare is mostly nocturnal, found in Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir and Sikkim. The woolly hare is considered endangered in India.

Tibetan Pika

Tibetan Plateau Pika is a small diurnal species of mammal from the pika family,found in high alpine steppe, deserts, meadows and mountain region of Tibetan Plateau and India.

Tibetan Snowcock

Tibetan Snowcock found in high altitude mountain regions of the Indian Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau. This species isn similar to the Himalayan snowcock and only prefers higher altitudes.

Tibetan Partridge

Tibetan Partridge found widely across the Tibetan Plateau and Ladakh regions of India. Tibetan partridge mostly lives on mountain slopes and high meadows and breeds in Tibet and northwestern India.

Tibetan Eared Pheasant

Tibetan Eared Pheasant is a Phasianidae family bird threatened by habitat destruction and hunting. This pheasant mostly found in southeast Tibet and adjacent northern India. Other wild animals found in Tibetan Plateau and Ladakh regions of India are Urial,Argali,Bharal,Tibetan dogs and Tibetan Pony.

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