10 Unusual and Unique Birds in The World

The world is home to 9,993 bird species of endangered,unique and rare birds live worldwide. Rare and unique birds in the World also includes Flightless birds,colorful Toucan,Mandarin duck,Long Tailed Widowbird,Indian Peacock, barn owl, Macaws, Grey Crowned Crane,Secretary bird and the most beautiful Birds of Paradise.



Shoebill is a unusual looking very large stork like bird, lives in large swamps from South Sudan to Zambia. The Shoebill bird identified by its unique features and also noted for its slow movements.



Puffins are small species of birds and one of the world’s favourite bird, live in most of the Atlantic region. The most popular Puffin Island in the world is in Westmann Isles and has the largest single puffin colony in the world.



Lyrebird is one of Australia’s best known bird and two known species of ground dwelling bird. The lyrebirds are known for superb ability to mimic artificial,human and natural sounds along with their striking beauty.



Hoatzin is a colourful bird found in swamps and mangroves forest of the Amazon and Orinoco river basin in South America. The hoatzin has to be one of the strangest, bizarre and unique bird found in the Amazon.

Scarlet Ibis


Scarlet Ibis is a unique species of ibis in the bird family, found in the Llanos region,areas of South America and the Caribbean islands. The scarlet ibis has distinctive red plumage and has protected status throughout the world.



Frigatebirds are seabirds family bird,found across all tropical oceans in the world. The Frigatebirds has black plumage but male has a distinctive and striking red gular sac.



Hummingbirds are the smallest species of bird, mostly feed on insects,spiders and insect eggs. The birds are are known as hummingbirds because the sound of the humming by their beating wings.

Black Heron


Black Egret also known as black heron is very famous for its unusual and unique hunting method, found in the shallow and freshwater in Sahara Desert. The black heron uses its wings like an umbrella to attract fish and this hunting method is called canopy feeding.

Temminck Tragopan


Tragopan is a pheasant species found along the Himalayas and one of the highly endangered and globally threatened bird. Male Temminck’s tragopan has very attractive crest, neck and breast with bright orange collar.

King Vulture


King Vulture is a new world vulture found in Central and South America. This large bird of prey has bald head and gray to black ruff and is the largest of the new world vultures.

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