Top 10 Largest Carnivorous Bear in The World

Bears are large animals found in the mountains,arctic,riverside and forested regions of the world. Kodiak bear and polar bear are the largest species of bear in the world, Kodiak bear is the subspecies of brown bear, Glacier bear,Cinnamon bear and Kermode bear are subspecies of the American black bear.

Kodiak Bear


Kodiak bears are the largest species of bear in the world and also the largest land carnivore in southwest Alaska. Kodiak brown bears are actually subspecies of brown bear.

Polar Bear


Polar Bears are same size as Kodiak bear and regarded as world’s largest land predators within the Arctic circle. The polar bear is called as marine mammals and one of the most beautiful Albino animal in the world.

Grizzly Bear


Grizzly Bear is subspecies of brown bear and the Kodiak bear is the largest subspecies of brown bear. The grizzly bears are long living animal and one of the most dangerous bear species in the world.

American Black Bear


American Black Bears are smallest omnivores sized bear species and one of the world’s most common bear species. Along with the brown bear, The American black bears are threatened species in North America.

Asian Black Bear


Asiatic Black Bears lives in the Himalayas of the Indian subcontinent. The Asian Black Bear is a medium sized bear species and slightly smaller than American black bear but very aggressive in nature.

Sloth Bear

Indian black bear

Sloth Bear species is native to the Indian subcontinent and found in forested areas and grasslands. The sloth bear species are one of the most dangerous species in India.

Sun Bear


Sun Bear known as the honey bear found in tropical forest of Southeast Asia in Sumatra and island of Borneo. The sun bear is one of the smallest member of the world’s eight bear species.

Spectacled Bear


Spectacled Bear is the only species of bear in South America and only surviving member of the subfamily. The spectacled bear is South America’s largest carnivorous mammal and mostly restricted to certain areas.

Giant Panda


Giant Panda also known as panda bear is the most beautiful species of bear in the world, lives in mountain forest of central China. The giant panda is national symbol of China and feeds on the bamboo forest only.

Himalayan Brown Bear


Himalayan Brown Bear is critically endangered subspecies of the brown bear and the largest mammal in the region. The Himalayan red bear is known as Yeti in the high altitudes of Himalayan region and a protected species.

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