Top 10 Rarely Seen Albino Animals of Arctic

Arctic Animals are snow white albino animals and the habitat known as tundra. There are very few animal species live in the Arctic land because of the harsh climate such as Polar Bear,Arctic Wolf and Arctic Fox. The other arctic animals also includes Emperor Penguin,Reindeer,narwhal,walrus,Muskox,orca,Eurasian lynx, and Brown Bears.

Polar Bear


Polar Bear is relative species of brown bear,spend most of their time on the sea ice of Arctic. The polar bear is found only in the Arctic circle and one of the world’s largest land predator of the Arctic Ocean.

Arctic Wolf


Arctic Wolf is may be subspecies of great gray wolf,native to the Arctic regions. The Arctic wolfs are one of the largest predator of the region and prey on muskoxen and Arctic hares.

Arctic Fox


Arctic Fox also called as snow fox is one of the most incredibly Arctic animal, native to the Arctic regions. The Arctic fox or polar fox lives in the extremely cold place on the planet and has the best insulation of any mammal.

Harp Seal


Harp Seal is a earless seal found in Atlantic Ocean and one of the victims of world’s largest slaughter of marine mammals. This snow white seal is found in the chilly waters of the Arctic.

Arctic Hare


Arctic Hare is one of the world’s largest species of hare found in the mountainous habitats of Arctic. The Arctic hare look like a big rabbit and primarily feed on woody plants and hunt by Arctic fox, gyrfalcon and rough-legged hawk.

Arctic Ptarmigan


Rock Ptarmigan is one of the medium sized gamebird species,found across arctic and rocky tundra. The rock ptarmigan changes its feather twice in year,during the winter season it become snow white.

Snowy Owl


Snowy Owl is the largest white owl,native to Arctic regions in North America. The snowy owl with a rounded head are found only in the Arctic and one of the most beautiful bird in the world.

Ivory Gull


Ivory Gull breeds in high Arctic region and amongst the species of birds that live the furthest north. The ivory gull are pigeon like birds found in Greenland and North America.

Snow Petrel


Snow Petrel is a small pure white fulmarine petrel restricted to cold Antarctic waters and land. The snow petrel has huge range of habitat in Antarctica and the surrounding sea.

Arctic Beluga


The Beluga whale or white whale is one of the large species of cetacean,found in Arctic and sub-Arctic region. Beluga Whale are slow swimmers but also kept in wildlife parks in North America.

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