Top 12 Deadliest Venomous Snakes of Africa

The African continent is known to have majority of the world’s amazing mammals but the parts of sub-Saharan Africa is also home to world’s most venomous snake species and some of them are listed as dangerous venomous snakes in the world. Dangerous snakes of Africa also includes African rock python, rinkhals, Snouted cobra, Angolan cobra, green mamba and boomslang.

Black Mamba


Black Mamba is the fastest and deadliest snakes in the world and also the longest species of venomous snake in African continent. The black mamba species habitats dense forest,savannah, woodland and arid desert.

Mozambique Spitting Cobra

Mozambique Cobra is the most dangerous species of spitting cobra and one of the country’s most dangerous creature. The Mozambique spitting cobra also considered as one of the most deadliest snakes in African continent.

Puff Adder


Puff Adder is venomous viper species snake and responsible for the most snakebites in Africa. This species is most widespread snake in Africa,found in African savannah and grasslands.

Gaboon Viper


Gaboon Viper is the heaviest and largest species of viper found in savannas grasslands and rainforest of Saharan Africa. This heaviest viperid has large triangular head,heavy body size and the longest fangs in the world.

Egyptian Cobra

Egyptian Cobra is second largest species of cobra in the world after forest cobra, The Africa’s largest cobra. The Egyptian cobra lives in variety of habitats but frequently found near water, agricultural fields and human villages.

Carpet Viper

Saw Scaled Viper is also known as carpet viper and listed as one of Africa’s most dangerous snake, also found in dry region of the Indian subcontinent. Saw Scaled Viper is member of India’s big four snake species, responsible for most snakebites on humans.



Boomslang is one of Africa’s most venomous snake but harmless to humans because of small venom,found in the Sub-Saharan Africa. This venomous tree snakes are very large in length and has very large eyes.

Forest Cobra


Forest Cobra also known as black cobra is the largest known species of cobra and member of deadliest snakes in central Africa. The Forest cobra is considered to be a very dangerous snake and second largest species of cobra in the world.

Green Mamba


Green Mamba snakes are tree dwelling snake species,inhabits the coastal regions of Eastern and Western Africa. Western green mamba and Eastern green mamba are two highly venomous elapid species and extremely agile snake.

Cape Cobra

Cape Cobra is another highly venomous species of cobra and one of the most powerful species of cobra in Africa. The Cape cobra occurs in variety of different habitats including forest,desert,rocky hills and high grassland.

Bush Viper

Bush Viper is one of the most beautiful and highly dangerous snakes of Africa, found in subsaharan Africa, Asia and South America. This small in size arboreal pit viper snake is highly poisonous but has amazing variety of colors and patterns.

Sidewinding Adder


Sidewinding Adder is a venomous viper species of snake found only desert area of Namibia and Angola. Peringuey’s desert adder is an ambush hunter and notable for its unique method of hunting by buries itself beneath the sand.

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