World’s Top 10 Species of Giant Catfish

Catfish species are one of the largest known catfish of freshwater river system,The species of catfish are in the shark catfish family and distributed throughout the river basin of the world. Here is the list of largest species of catfish in the world along with Ictalurus,Sharptooth Catfish,Amur catfish,Niger Catfish,giant Lake Biwa catfish,Indian Catfish and trigger savage catfish.

Mekong Giant Catfish


Mekong Giant Catfish is the world’s largest species of catfish found in Mekong river basin in Southeast Asia. The giant catfish of Mekong river is a critically endangered species and biggest freshwater fish in the world.

Wels Catfish


Wels Catfish is second large species of catfish, found in the basins of the Caspian Sea in eastern Europe. The wels catfish is the largest true freshwater fish in Europe and also captured by Jermy Wade in River Monster.

Piraiba Catfish


Piraiba Catfish is the largest species of catfish found in Amazon river basin and a real giant Amazon river monster. The Piraiba catfish found in the Amazon and Orinoco river basins of South America.

Blue Catfish

Blue Catfish is the largest species of catfish found in North America, found in the Mississippi river. Blue catfish are opportunistic freshwater predator of river system but also found in some lakes in Florida.

Jau Catfish

Jau Catfish or Gilded catfish is native to the Orinoco and Amazon basins of South America. The gilded catfish or jau is a big catfish and also caught by Jeremy wade of river monster.

Red Tailed Catfish


Red Tailed Catfish is second largest species of catfish, also known as one of the big cat of the aquatic world. The redtail catfish also known as pirarara has a colorful orange large tail with yellow sides.

Goonch Catfish


Goonch Catfish is a killer catfish from river monster,found in the banks of the Kali River in India and Nepal. Jeremy Wade from River Monster and Jakub Vagner from Fish Warrior series has caught the biggest Goonch Catfish in India.

Flathead Catfish

Flathead Catfish is one of three primary species of catfish in freshwater of North American river. The flathead catfish is very distinctive in appearance and native to rivers and lakes.

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish is also known as channel cat in North America and close relative of the blue catfish. The channel catfish species is one of the largest fish found in Northern Virginia.

Channel Catfish

Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish

Tiger Shovelnose Catfish is one of the largest species of South American catfish, found in the Amazon and Orinoco. The Tiger shovelnose catfish native to deeper parts of large rivers and large predatory catfish.

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