The 5 Big Wild Animals of Grassland of India

Grasslands are lands dominated by grasses rather than large shrubs or trees,The herbivore are the dominated animals of grassland. Some of the very important Indian animals such as the Elephant,Gaur,Rhino, grazing and antelope animals live in grassland. The herbivores range from insects (such as aphids) to large mammals (such as elephants), herbivores wild animals eat grass leaves,plants,fruits and flowers. Kaziranga, dangerous sunderbans and Periyar National Park’s are home for India’s big animals, dry areas of Rajasthan is also well famous for species like Indian gazelles or chinkaras, Deer’s and antelopes. Apart from these big animals there are so many insects, birds,snakes and small animals live in green grass land of national parks of India.

Indian Elephant: The Great Indian Elephant is the biggest herbivore wild animal. The big animal habitat spread all over India and neighbor countries, Periyar national park in Kerala is one of the major park famous for the largest population of elephant in India. The huge land animal requires large areas of scrub forests, with abundant food supply and shady areas. Due to the shrinking habitat,deforestation and human-elephant conflict, Indian wild elephant’s are one of the most dangerous wild animals for human’s.


Indian Bison: The Gaur,A large bovine, biggest populations are found today only in India is one of the endangered animal,protected in Kanha,Bandhavgarh and other wildlife sanctuaries of India. Indian bison is the largest species of wild cattle found in world,bigger than the extinct aurochs, and wild water buffalo.The gaur is the heaviest and most powerful of all wild cattle species.


Indian Water Buffalo: The wild water buffalo is a large, massive bovine with huge horns, native to the area of India.Wild water buffalo live only in a small number of protected areas associated with wet grasslands, swamps and densely vegetated river valleys. They are largely found in Manas national parks,Namdapha National Park and Indravati National Park. In some part of India,wild water buffalo used as farm animals and Due to the interbreeding with feral and domestic buffalo’s,Indian Water Buffalo is listed as endangered species.


Indian Rhino: The Indian Rhinoceros also known as The Greater One-horned Rhinoceros is highly endangered species in India. The Rhino habitat ranges from grassland to dense forests of two national parks Kaziranga and Manas in Assam, They also prefers tropical bush lands, riverine grasslands, marshy low lands and reed beds. The grazer animal share its habitat with Wild Buffalo,elephants and other wild grazing animals.Great-Indian-Rhino

Blue Bull: Nilgai, the biggest Asian antelope found from the base of the Himalayas to the state of Kerala. Nilgai is the most common seen wild animal in India,prefer grasslands to scanty hillocks and dense jungles to live. The bovine animal can be seen with black bucks,chital and hog deer in the open plains area or grassland of national parks.


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