The 6 Rare Species of Reptiles in India

India is blessed with an amazing variety flora and fauna,which includes The green rainforests, Thar Desert,wildlife reserves and several national parks. These wildlife sanctuaries are home to number of rare species of wild animals, birds and reptiles such as Nicobar Forest Dragon,flying snakes,Small Thar Desert lizard,Indian Monitor Lizard, the bizzare Two shieldtail snakes and the giant King Cobra. Western ghats of India offer a diverse and unique fauna in the tropical rain forests.

one of the most fascinating creatures on our planet are amphibians of the Western Ghats and reptiles which includes The Purple Frog and flying lizards. There are 45 species of reptiles found diverse western ghats, These include 30 species of snakes and 13 species of lizards. Thar Desert of Rajasthan, which is also called as the ‘ocean of sands’ also offers a wide range of reptiles in India such as Spiny-tailed lizard, monitor lizard, saw scaled-viper.

The Gharial:


The gharial is a species of crocodile that lives in the rivers of northern India. Gharials, one of the longest and largest crocodilians species in the world have a very long slender snout with dark olive-gray skin and a pale yellow belly. The critically endangered species thrive in the rivers of the National Chambal Sanctuary, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Holy river Ganges,Son River Sanctuary and the rainforest biome of Mahanadi in India. The fish-eating Indian crocodile is one of the most unique crocodilian in the world.

Flying Lizard:


The India flying lizard is capable of gliding from tree to tree found in the Western Ghats and hill forests of southern India. The Flying Dragon Lizard avoids danger by opening two large, winglike flaps of skin and steers, brakes with its tail. The rare reptiles wings are brightly coloured due to this, also called the butterfly lizard.

Cane Turtle:

Cane-turtle -India

The Cochin Forest Cane Turtle also also known as Kavalai forest turtle is a rare species of turtle found in Western Ghats of India. The unique turtle have large head with a truncated snout and inhabits dense evergreen forest, presumably at lower elevations of Cochin Forest. The endemic Cochin Forest Cane Turtle is listed as endangered and rarely found in the pet trade.

Whitaker’s Boa:


The Indian Whitaker’s Sand Boa is a non-venomous species of boa, found in coastal southern India. It has a small head, a cylindrical body and smooth overall appearance with a blunt rounded smooth-scaled tail. The sand snake of India is also a very good climber,found along the Western Ghats in Karnataka, Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra.

Indian Golden Gecko:


The Indian Golden Gecko is a species of gecko known only from the Tirumala hills in the Eastern Ghats of India. The endangered Golden Gecko is a rare hill species of Geckois and endemic to India. Shri Venkateswara National Park,Andhra Pradesh is famous for very rare slender Lorises and the rare and endangered golden Gecko.

King Cobra:


The beautiful and giant snake king cobra habitat in the rain forest of western ghat and national parks of  Kerala along with some snake parks. The longest venomous snake, solitary King Cobra lives in rainforests, scrub, and grasslands of India. It is one of the most dangerous and feared Asiatic snake and can deliver a large quantity of venom in a single bite.

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