Ten Cleanest and Greenest Cities in India

None of the Indian cities were rated as complete “Green” the best category in the exercise survey but in terms of cleanest and greenest, here is the list of cities in India which can be rated accordingly. The cities were classified into four major color categories red, black, blue and green, the green is the best among them. Clean and Green cities of India are fall in the category of blue and considered as soon they will rank green in terms of environment and green life style.  Apart from the listed below here are few other very clean cities of India Thiruvananthapuram,Rajkot,Raipur, Mangalore, Jamshedpur and Srinagar.

Top 10 Cities of India which are Cleanest Cities of Country in 2016



Chandigarh is the first cleanest and greenest city in India and will also become the country’s first solar city in 2016. A city and union territory of India and serves as the capital of two states, Haryana and Punjab is the one of the finest city in India. Chandigarh, the home of Mata Chandi is located near the foothills of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas.



The second-largest city of Indian state of Karnataka is also known as Palace City of India. Mysore is one of the most beautiful city in the state and known for its palaces, gardens -Brindavan Garden,shady avenues and sacred temples. Kingdom of Mysore is located at the base of the sacred Chamundi Hills, a powerful Goddess Chamundi temple situated close to the famous palace of Mysore. Mysore city is the cultural capital of Karnataka and one of the three largest princely states in India. Manglore and Bangalore are the another city of Karnataka with a green status.



Surat a most dynamic city of Indian state Gujarat is one of the well-developed commercial city in India. The Embroidery capital city of India is selected as third cleanest city in India amongst the top ten cleanest and greenest cities. Surat is the second largest city of Gujarat and considered as one of the fastest growing cities in India in terms of economic prosperity. The fastest growing Indian city offers a wealthy share in exports of Diamond and Textile products. Rajkot and Gandhinagar are other two green cities of Gujarat.

New Delhi


The two statutory towns New Delhi Municipal Council and Delhi Cantonment are awarded as Greenest and cleanest place in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. Out of the three statutory urban regions in state of Delhi these two towns are cleanest one. Delhi, the capital of India is the largest and 2nd most populous metropolis and the 8th most populous metropolis in the world. The National capital comes third in the percentage of geographical area under tree cover after Lakshwadeep and Chandigarh.



Tiruchirappalli also known as Tiruchi is a prime engineering equipment manufacturing location in Tamil Nadu. The green city of Tamil Nadu has a number of historical monuments and temples,one of the most famous Rockfort temple is the land mark of Tiruchirappalli district and the most prominent among them is Thiruvanaikaval. Tiruchirappalli is famous for its festivals and for the world’s oldest surviving dam, the Kallanai across the Kaveri River. Some of the most important festivals celebrated in Tiruchi are Pongal,Tamil New Year, Aadi Perukku and A famous Jallikattu match.



The green city is one of the largest metropolitan area in north-eastern part and gateway to the slice of paradise in North East India. Guwahati has emerged as one of the fastest developing cities in India and a major center for cultural activities and sports in the North Eastern region. The city of eastern light is famous for sightseeing, rock bands, wildlife sanctuaries and many ancient Hindu temples Kamakhya, Umananda, Navagraha and Rudreswar.



The Temple City of India is made its place in the list of one of the cleanest city in India. Bhubaneshwar host a large number of Hindu temples with Puri and Konark are most famous. The capital of Orissa state is well famous for its old sculptures,Odissi dance,Chilka lake, handicrafts, rock carvings and wildlife. Due to the boom in the metals and metal processing industries in the state and as one of the information technology hub in East India,Bhubaneswar is emerge as one of the fastest developing cities of India.



Shimla a beautiful hill station and the capital city of Himachal Pradesh. The planned city of India is well known for its buildings styled in ‘Tudorbethan’ and neo-Gothic architecture. The popular tourist destination of monsoon and summer is one of the oldest municipalities of India and famous for beautiful scenery,Kangra Valley and snowy winters. Shimla is also known as Queen of Hills and got its name after goddess Shyamala Devi, also home to popular Jwalamukhi temple in Kangra District and Kali Mata temple in Kalka. Shimla is connected to city of Kalka through Kalka–Shimla Railway, the longest narrow gauge railway routes in India.



The capital city of the Indian state of Uttarakhand located on the foothills of the great Himalayas ranges and between the beautiful Doon valley nestled between two of India’s holy rivers the Ganges and and the Yamuna. Dehradun is a beautiful hill station at Garhwal Himalayas and famous for its pleasant climate,natural beauty and picturesque landscape. The beautiful valley is also a famous educational hub and home to the holy cities of Indian Haridwar and Rishikesh, also complete the pilgrimage circuit of Char Dham.



The pink city of India is one of the most cleanest and greenest city India and the only city from Royal State Rajasthan. Jaipur is one of the finest planned cities of India located in the semi-desert lands of Rajasthan. The Jewel of Desert is paradise for shoppers at Johari Bazar, Chaura Rasta for clothing,gems, granite tiles, hand looms, and silk carpets. The Gem City of India is also famous for its cuisine,festivals,arts and crafts,street foods and best place for traditional costumes of Rajasthan to shop.


  • Gaurav says:

    I think Gandhi Nagar, Manali and Sundernagar are greener tha CHD

  • Rahul says:

    I think jaipur chandigarh and gandhinagar are top three cities in terms of green & planned city

  • tausif says:

    i think navi mumbai is more cleaner than any other city..

  • Sachin says:

    LOL gandhiji called Trivandrum ans an evergreen city it is not in this site’s list.It’s the most greenest city in india.I have been to chandigarh it’s green too.I am pretty sure TVM is greener than rest of all cities mentioned here.

  • P.C.Das says:

    THE ten cleanest and Greenest cities list by and large is O.K,but with afew comments .There is a list of 25 cleanest cities which have Kanpur in UP as tenth cleanest in India.I think the survey team has never gone to This city.Most people of UP including myself rate it as the dirtiest city in U.P.Please get your records corrected.after verification from Urban development Authority in U.P
    Apart from that In this list of 10 cities Bhubneshwar is at 7thplace,rigtly so.But Bhubneshwar does not find place in 25 cleanest cities list.
    Thre are lot of contradictions in these categories.In my view Rourkela is definitely cleaner and greener than Bhubneshwar.I have lived in all these cities of ODISHA andU.P .IN UP lucknow is the cleanest and greenest city.Pl reconsider and modify these lists accordingly.Thanks
    P.C.Das-Sr consultant (JIca funded Drainage Project at Cu

  • Faruk Enamul Haque says:

    These are dirty places, except for certain areas that are kept clean for tourism. Don’t make up lies.

  • Anand Mohan says:

    Bokaro steel city.
    Dark horse

  • Dehi Ka Banda says:

    Delhi ko last me hona chahiye…, gutkhe khaane walo ne puri delhi ko sada diya hai. Har jagah pe gandgi ke dher lage hain.
    Safai ke naam pe yaha pe sirf india gate, rajpath, jorbagh, lodhi road jaise hi ilaake hain bas jaha pe sabhi bare neta aur business tycoons rehte hain aur Ye NDMC ke under ane wale area hain. MCD jine under sabhi private colonies ati hain wo gandgi se bhari hai. MCD ME bas sab kaam chor hi bharti hain ya fir unpar kis ka danda (strictness) nahi hai
    Jaha common people rehte hain woha ka haal bahut hi gandgi bhar hai.
    City clean tabhi kehlayegi jab har ek jagah saaf hogi.

  • Harshit Gupta says:

    Chandigarh and Mussorie is the cleanest and greenest city and hill station of India.

  • Samir Padhi says:

    I’d say these people have not really visited these cities. How else can I explain their putting Surat ahead of Gandhinagar!Surat is a city with maddrning traffic,pollution and chaos. When you pass Surat railway station,you have to cover your nose due to stench. On otgerside they have left oit cities l8ke Rourkela which have more greenery and cleaner. Complete faux pas.

    • Ann says:

      Visited New Delhi and now in Jaipur- I’ve seen people peeing in streets in both cites. Rode a “3 wheeler” in New Delhi- Could not wait to get back on tour bus. Electrical wires hanging above from all directions. Piles of Rubbish everywhere. Stench of urine and garbage is very nauseating. I couldn’t believe this is a tourist site. Heading to Agar Tomorrow- hoping it will be at least clean. I still had a great time learning the culture and visiting historical sites. Most of the people are friendly and courteous. Always be prepared to TIP. Bring enough money to TIP.

  • Ritik says:

    In my views many areas of Haryana come under greenest and cleanest

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