Top 10 Most Important Rivers of South India

Geography of South India is in the shape of a inverted triangle and major geographic features of South India includes Nilgiri mountains, Eastern Ghats,The Western Ghats, rivers, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. Here are have listed some of the most important river of South India known as lifelines of South India.

South India has a number of geographic regions and includes five states (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana) with two Union territories of Puducherry and Lakshadweep.

Godavari River (Dakshin Ganga)

Godavari River is the second longest river of India by length after the Ganga and also has one of the largest river basins in the Indian subcontinent. The river originates in Triambakeshwar near Nashik and flows through the state of Andhra Pradesh, get distributes into two rivers before getting into the Bay of Bengal by making one of the large river delta in India.

Krishna River

Krishna River originates from Mahabaleshwar in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and empties into the Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh. The river Krishna is one of the longest rivers in India and also has largest river basin area in South India.

The river is one of the seven sacred rivers of India and many pilgrimage places like Mahaganpati Mandir of Wai,Amareshwara Swamy Temple, Mallikarjuna Jyotirlinga temple and the Kanaka Durga Temple in Vijayawada are situated around the bank of river Krishna.

Kaveri River or Cauvery River

Kaveri River or Cauvery River is the third largest river in South India after Godavari and Krishna, flow through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Krishna Raja Sagara Dam, Shivanasamudra Falls in Karnataka, Hogenakkal Falls of Tamil Nadu are part of the Kaveri basin and
its tributaries are Bhavani River, Kabini River and Noyyal River.

Tungabhadra River, Karnataka

Tungabhadra River of Karnataka state is formed by joining of Tunga River and Bhadra River, flows mostly through the state of Karnataka and joins the holy Krishna river in Andhra Pradesh.

Hampi Temple town is located on banks of Tungabhadra river and there are more ancient sites such as Markendeshwara Temple, Huligema Temple and Sangameswaram Temple are located on banks of Tungabhadra river.

Periyar River, Kerala

Periyar River is the longest river of Kerala, offers drinking water for several towns of the state and also for irrigation and domestic use. Major tributaries of Periyar river are Muthirapuzha river, Mullayar river, Cheruthoni river and Perinjankutti river.

Periyar originates in Kerala flows entirely through the state and also joins the sea in Kerala, Idukki Dam is constructed across the Periyar River and Thekkady is very popular location in Periyar National Park, a must see tourist attraction in Kerala.

Sharavathi River, Karnataka

Sharavathi River is one of the very few west flowing rivers of India, originates and flows entirely in Karnataka. The world famous Jog Falls created by the Sharavathi river and a major attractions for tourist in Karnataka along with Linganamakki dam, Sharavati river valley wildlife sanctuary and Honnemaradu island.

Bharathappuzha River

Bharathappuzha River also known as Nila river is the second longest river of Kerala, after Periyar and house 11 dam reservoirs along the course. Malampuzha is the largest dam across the Bharathapuzha river and famous temples like Varahamurthy Temple and Thiruvilwamala Temple are on the bank of Nila.

Penna River

Penna River rises in Nandi Hills of Karnataka and empty into the Bay of Bengal by flowing through the shadow region of Eastern Ghats in Andhra Pradesh. The Gandikota fort, a deep gorge, a river valley and the great grand canyon of India are situated on the bank of Pennar river in Andhra Pradesh.

Kabini River

Kabini River originates in Kerala and one of the major tributaries of the Cauvery river, join the Kaveri in Karnataka. The kabini forest is best wildlife destination in Karnataka, part of Nagarahole National Park and home to very unique species of wild animals such as indian leopards, Gaur, elephants, tigers,dhole,sloth bear and Melanistic leopard or rare black panther, known as the “Ghost of Kabini.

Kali River, Karnataka

Kali River of Karnataka state flows through the Uttara Kannada district and lifeline to fishermen of Karwar, offers best tourist spot in Karnataka state as picturesque Sadashivgad fort, Kali river bridge, coast of Karwar and supports and animal life.

Netravati River,Pampa River,Bhavani River and Bhavanisagar dam, Amaravati River, Vaigai River and Chaliyar River few more important rivers of South India, flows through the different states and home to famous pilgrimage place on the banks such as Dharmasthala Temple (Netravati River) and Sabarimala temple dedicated of Lord Ayyappa (Pampa River).

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