Top 15 Most Beautiful Exotic Flowers in India

Exotic flowers and plants gives an special touch to your house gardens or home with their unusual and beautiful shapes and color.

Here is the list of most exotice flowers found in India along with Amaryllis,African Violets, Bromeliad, Cigar Flower,Columnea, Monkey Plant and Anthurium.

Rebe Flower (Begonia tessaricarpa)

Rebe flower is believed to be extinct but the rare and endangered plant rediscovered in Arunachal Pradesh. The rare medicinal plant used for stomach disorder and dehydration by tribal people of Arunachal Pradesh and rediscovered in Namdapha National Park.

Tulip (Tulipa)

Tulip flowers are brightly coloured large flowers and a member of the Liliaceae. They are popular as ornamental garden plants and there is only one tulip garden in India which is also the largest tulip garden in Asia, located in Srinagar and known as Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden.

Lilies (Lilium)


Lilium or true lilies are a group of flowering plants, widely grown in the garden or as a potted plants. True lilies are the most demanded flower in India and the lily flower farming in greenhouses are very common.

There are range of colours of true lilies flowers such as whites, yellows, oranges and hybrids such as Asiatic hybrids, American hybrids, Trumpet lilies and water lilies, blood lily and flame lily.

Orchids (Orchidaceae)


Orchidaceae is the largest families of flowering plants and Dendrobium species is one of the most common. Sessa Orchid Sanctuary in Arunachal Pradesh and Deorali Orchid Sanctuary in Sikkim house over 200 species of rare orchids.

Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)


Tuberose plant mostly used as a note in perfumery and smells good in the night, hence known as Rajnigandha or Nishigandha in India. The tuberose is a night blooming plant, can be grown outdoors in clay pots or planted directly in the ground.

Brahma Kamal (Saussurea obvallata)

The Brahma Kamal flowers of India is native to the great Himalayas of Uttarakhand, at an altitude of 4500 m. Saussurea obvallata bloom in mid monsoon and is a medicinal herb in Tibetan and Indian medicine.

Indian Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera)


Indian lotus or sacred lotus is an aquatic plant and also the national flower of India. The aquatic plant commonly cultivated in water gardens, used exclusively for ornamental purpose but the lotus rhizomes are consumed as a vegetable in India.

Ylang Ylang Flower (Cananga odorata)

Cananga tree originates in Indonesia and the flowers is called as ylang ylang. The flower and tree both are used for oil, perfume and the fruit is a food item for birds.

Bird Of Paradise Flower (Strelitzia reginae)


Bird Of Paradise or crane flower is native to South Africa but naturalized in India and Bangladesh. The plant is very popular as an ornamental plant and very easy to grow in the gardens.

Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum oxypetalum)


Queen of the Night flower is actually a flowering species of cactus that blooms rarely once in a year and only at night. The flower is mistakenly called as Brahma Kamal in India but the real Brahma Kamal is Saussurea obvallata.

Crown Flower (Calotropis gigantea)


Calotropis is a poisonous plant and the flower as madar in India, offered to Lord Shiva for peace and prosperity. The Crown flower are very common in the compounds of Indian temples and host to a variety of insects and butterflies.

Mahuwa Flower (Madhuca longifolia)

Mahua tree is tropical tree, mostly found in plains and forest of central India. Mahuwa flowers are edible, used to manufacture jam, used for medicinal purposes and also to produce the alcoholic drink called mahuwa country liquor.

Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)


Common water hyacinth plant is native to the Amazon river basin but introduced in India and become an important invasive species. The free floating aquatic plant has beautiful striking light blue to violet flowers.

Purple Passion (Passiflora incarnata)


Purple Passion is a common wild flower from United States and has been used as herbal medicine. Passion fruit is known as Krishan phal and the flower is called as Krishnakamala in India, the fruit is both eaten and juiced.

Flowering Cactus (Cactaceae)


The cactus family has large species of succulent plants that produce brightly colored flowers. Flowering Cactus are popular houseplants in many countries, can be grown indoors, outdoors and inside greenhouses.


Adding one more exotic Indian flower used in perfumery, agarbatti and for making kewda water.

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