Top 20 Villages of India That Are Simply Unreal and You Must Visit

M.K. Gandhi say’s The soul of India Lives in its Villages. There are many villages in India that set an example for whole country and you must visit once in your life. Some of the absolutely beautiful villages of India includes Khonoma The Green Village,Chappar villagers Haryana,Mawlynnong Cleanest Village,Largest Village of Gahmar,Bangaon Village of Civil Servants, Vijayanagara Village of historical ruins,Telangana Bypass Village of Widows,Kodinhi Village of Twins,Haunted Village of Bhangarh Rajasthan and witchcraft village of Chhattisgarh.

Mawlynnong Cleanest Village of Asia, Meghalaya


Mawlynnong is Asia’s cleanest village in the East Khasi Hills district of the Meghalaya. The cleanest village is also referred as God’s own garden and famous for its matrilineal society.

Kila Raipur Village of Rural Olympics, Punjab


Kila Raipur is very famous village of Ludhiana, known for annual Kila Raipur Sports Festival or the Rural Olympics of India. The village sports festival has becomes the destination for hundreds of sports enthusiasts.

Khonoma The Green Village, Nagaland

Khonoma village of Nagaland is the first green village in India,located in the western part of Kohima district. The village is known for its clean environmental with proper sanitation,jhum cultivation and green surroundings.

Malana Ancient Indian Village, Himachal Pradesh


Malana is an ancient Indian village in the state of Himachal Pradesh,isolated from the rest of the world. The village of Malana is considered to be one of the first democracies in the world.

Punsari Village with Advanced Technology, Gujarat


Punsari Village in Sabarkantha district has undergone a transformation with new and advanced technology in education system,electricity,water supply and Wi-Fi. The village of Punsari is awarded as best village in India.

Kathewadi Art of Living Model Village, Maharashtra

Kathewadi village is located in Deglur Tehsil of Nanded and transform from alcoholism to model of village. The Art of Living Foundation has adtoped this village and converted it into a model of village life.

Pothanikkad Village of 100% Literacy Rate, Kerala

Pothanikkad village in Ernakulam district is the first village to achieve 100% literacy in India. From a village of forest with wild buffalos and elephants is now one of the most educated and culturally advanced villages in Kerala.

Kokrebellur Village of Birds, Karnataka


Kokkarebellur village is know for Kokrebellur Bird Sanctuary, a sanctuary created by villagers who have also adopted these bird as their heritage. The village is one of the 21 breeding birding sites in India and home to beautiful birds like Spot-billed pelican,Painted stork,Ring necked parakeets and Black-crowned night heron.

Chappar Pro Female Village, Haryana

Chappar village is the only village to celebrate the birth of girls in Haryana. Sarpanch of the panchayat in Chappar village started distributing sweets when a girl child is born.

Solar Powered Village of Dharnai, Bihar

Dharnai village in Bihar has became India’s first village powered entirely by solar electricity. The full solar-powered village in India is now benefiting 2,400 residents.

Ralegan Siddhi Village of Anna Hazare, Maharashtra

Ralegan Siddhi village is located at a distance of 87 km from Pune and transformed from a highly degraded village to one of the richest in the country. The Ralegan Siddhi is village of Indian social activist Anna Hazare.

Raghurajpur Heritage Crafts Village, Odisha

Raghurajpur is a heritage crafts village in Puri district and home to crafts like Tussar paintings, palm leaf engravings, stone and wood. This heritage crafts village is known for its master Pattachitra painters and Gotipua dance troupes.

The Haunted Village of Kuldhara, Rajasthan


The abandoned, cursed and haunted village of Kuldhara is located just at a distance of 18 km from Jaisalmer. Kuldhara village of Rajasthan is a ghost town and one of the most beautiful abandoned place in India.

Mayong Village of Black Magic, Assam


Mayong village is also known as the Land of Black Magic in Assam,lies on the bank of Brahmaputra river in Morigaon district. The village is a popular tourist attraction because of its history,rich wildlife,cultural tourism and river tourism.

Snake Village of Shetphal, Maharashtra


The Snake Village of Maharashtra where live Indian cobra’s moving in the house daily. The villagers of Shetphal in Maharastra worship snakes and there is no case of snake bite in this village.

Shani Shinganapur Village With no Doors, Maharashtra


Shani Shinganapur is known as the safest Indian village,famous for the fact that no house in the village has doors. The village is known for its popular temple of Shani, 35 km from Ahmednagar city.

Hiware Bazar Village of 60 Millionaires, Maharashtra

Hiware Bazar is a village in the Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra and the richest village of India. The village is noted for its irrigation system and water conservation program.

Peddakunta Village of Widows, Telangana

Peddakunta village is now known as the village of widows in Mahabubnagar district of Telangana. NH 44 bypass road has claimed the lives of 80 people from Peddakunta and the rest of other nearby villages.

Kodinhi Village of Twins, Kerala


The remote village located in the Malapuram district of Kerala known as the Twin Town. The phenomenon has seen almost six times as many twins born than the global average in the remote village of Kodinhi.

Historical Ruins of Hampi Village, Karnataka


Hampi village of northern Karnataka is the city of ruins with historical group of monuments,one of the richest and largest city. The village is now the most searched historical place in Karnataka on Google.

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