Top 10 Unique Wildlife and Animals of Brazil

Brazil is known for diversity of plant and animal life and the river basin of Amazon and the rain forest is also host to a great variety of tropical fauna. Amazing wildlife and wild animals of Brazil also includes Goliath Birdeater, Tayra, squirrel monkey, vultures, Short-eared dog, eagles,owls,hummingbirds, Crab-eating fox,Margay,Ocelot and Bald uakari.



Jaguarundi is medium size wild cat found in the Amazon Basin and most variable in color of all wild cat. This strangest looking small wild cat lives in lowland brush areas and new world cat species.



Rhea is the second largest species of flightless bird native to South America. This large flightless bird inhabit most grassland but limited within the continent in Argentina and Brazil.



Tapir herbivorous mammal is look like pigs with trunks, found in the jungle regions of South America. Tapirs are large nocturnal species with five extant species in the world.



Capuchin monkeys are new world primates and one of the most commonly kept monkey as a pet,known as intelligent and social. The capuchin monkeys are one of the most famous species of monkey in the world.

Maned Wolf


Maned Wolf is a the largest canid of South America and one of the world’s unique animal. The maned wolf is actually not a wolf but a large fox and is the only species of its kind.



Capybara is the largest rodent,inhabits savannas and river forests of South America. The capybara rodent is hunted for its meat and one of the favourite food of jaguar, puma and anaconda.



Tamarins are small orange,black-yellow color new world monkeys,found through central South America. Different tamarin species inhabitants in rainforest and coastal rain forests of Brazil.

Bush Dog


Bush Dogs are small canid found in southern Brazil of South America. The bush dog is the only living species of its kind and listed as near threatened.

Pink Dolphin


Pink Dolphin is a Amazon river dolphin live in the river systems of Brazil. The Amazon river dolphin is species of toothed whale and one of the largest species of river dolphin.

Crab Eating Fox


Crab Eating Fox is a small mammal from family of wild dogs,endemic to the central part of South America. The crab-eating canid fox species is listed as least concern found in Brazil and Argentina forest.

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