Top 10 Wild Species of Wild Dogs of World

Wild dogs are the second most dangerous predators in the wild forest of the world after the big cat family. Big wild species of wild dogs are found in most of the forest including arctic,desert and rain forest. The Wild Canidae family also includes Black-backed jackal,Himalayan Wolf,Indian Jackal,Red Wolf,African wolf,Raccoon dog,Culpeo or Andean fox wolf,Jackal,Arctic fox,Indian Fox and Bengal fox.

Grey Wolf


Grey Wolf is the biggest canid species native to wilderness of Eurasia and North America. The gray wolf is largest extant member of its family and has many subspecies such as eastern wolf,Arctic wolf,red wolf, eastern wolf,African wolf and Indian Wolf.



Dingo wild dog is medium-size canine found in deserts to grasslands of Australia. The dingo wild dog is largest terrestrial predator in Australia and listed as vulnerable to extinction.

Maned Wolf


Maned Wolf is the largest species of canid found in South America and a very unusual member of the wild dog family in the world. The maned wolf is a very unique animal inhabits grasslands and scrubland.



Coyote is relative to the gray wolf native to North America and medium-sized member of the dog family. The coyote has very good vision and sense of smell and a very clever beast of America.

African Wild Dog


African Wild Dogs are hunting dogs of Saharan African region,woodland and arid zones. The African wild dog is largest of its family in Africa and highly social animal, living in packs and best hunter of antelopes.


Indian wild dog

Dhole also known as Indian wild dog are pack hunters, widespread in the Indian subcontinent. Indian wild dog or red dog lives in grasslands and forest of feed on herbivorous mammals.

Golden Jackal


Golden Jackal is one of the largest of the jackals found in the world, found in Middle East and Asia. European jackal is the largest species of jackal found in Southeast Europe.

Short Eared Dog


Short Eared Dog is an unique and elusive canid species found only in the forest Amazonian basin. The short-eared dog is one of the Amazon’s most mysterious wild animal and one of the species of wild dog in South America.

Red Fox


Red Fox is one of the largest species of wild fox, Found in Arctic and North America. The red fox adapt quickly to new environments and successfully live in lower-density suburbs.

Bush Dog


Bush Dogs are very rare species of canid and found mostly in Suriname, Guyana and Peru. The bush dogs are carnivores and the only living in lowland forests of South America.

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