Newest Enemy Of India’s Wild Animals – Electrocution

Wild animals deaths due to electrocution is the newest enemy to India’s already endangered wildlife, There are list of incidents being reported every day from the different states of India. Electrocution, train accidents, poaching, poisoning and deaths due to electrocution are recorded of Indian elephants, sambars, hundreds of deer, wild boars and Indian leopards as well as couple of cases of Bengal Tigers.

Human elephant conflict in India is a major issue for the states of Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra where high voltage electric wiring and fencing put up in the surrounding areas causing the death of wild animals.

Elephants Deaths by Electrocution – Karnataka

Karnataka state is home to largest population of wild Indian elephants and reported the high number of elephant deaths by electrocution. The number of wild animals deaths due to electrocution has risen in Karnataka along with roadkill, poaching and illegal electric fencing.

Elephants Electrocution in Odisha

Electrocution is second biggest causes of wild animals deaths in India not just Odisha, Karnataka and Kerala. Seven elephants died of electrocution in Odisha at Dhekanal district, Month before four elephants were killed by a train.

Electric Fences Killers of Kerala

Elephants are the part of Kerala culture and the state has largest number of domesticated elephants in India, used by the temple trust during religious ceremonies. Illegal electric fences in Kerala are one of the most common killers of wild elephants, 16 elephants died due to electrocution in the state so far this year.

Spotted Deer Electrocuted in Tamil Nadu

Spotted deer and elephants were electrocuted in Mettupalayam forest, Electric fences are the biggest threat to elephants of Tamil Nadu. Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve is a World Heritage Site but fascinating ecosystem is killing Indian wildlife due electrocution and human elephant conflict.

Tigers Electrocuted in Maharashtra

Electrocution is the new danger of India’s wild animals, Six tigers electrocuted in Maharashtra in 1 year. From electrocution alone, there were total 10 cases in the country where not only iconic tiger but wild boars, deer and elephants are getting killed due to electrocution.

Speeding Trains Killed Elephants in West Bengal

Bholu is the official mascot of Indian Railways but the railway crossing, speeding trains and rail tracks are killing the jumbo at several places of India, A speeding train mowed down six elephants in West Bengal and three pachyderms died due to electric wire.

Leopards Electrocuted by Transformers in Gujarat

Two leopards in two separate incidents were electrocuted around the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary of Gujarat. Another case where an Gujarat lion electrocuted in Mahuva town of Bhavnagar district.


The Asiatic lions are only found in the forest of Gujarat in India, There are 204 lions died in Gir in last two years and 331 leopards due to fencing, railway tracks and electrocuted.

India is home to 50% of the Asian elephants population, There are list of accidents reported from the states about electrocution, train accidents and poaching of Indian elephants.

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