Top 10 Fastest Running Animals in India

The fastest member of the animal kingdom in India is blackbuck antelope with sustain speeds of 80 km/h, followed by Lion,Onager,Hyena, Indian Jackal, wild Cats and Striped Hyena. The list is going to focus on the top 10 fastest running land animals found in India by maximum speed.

BlackBuck – 80 km/h


The blackbuck antelope is fastest running wild animal of India who can sustain speeds of 80 km/h. Indian Antelope inhabits open plains and grassy forested areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

Asiatic Lion – 80 km/h


The lion is the second fastest wild cat in the world with maximum running speed of 80 km/h. Indian lions are the second largest living cat found only in dry forest of Gujarat.

Indian Hare – 80 km/h

Indian Hare is one of the most common species of jackrabbits found in the Indian Subcontinent. They are very similar in size and appearance to rabbits but are very fast runners.

Feral Horses – 71 km/h

A truly wild horses are actually feral horses and a very rare Indian animal. Today at Dibru Saikhowa National Park and Biosphere reserve of Assam is only home to 79 feral horses in India.

Indian Wild Ass- 70 km/h

Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary

Indian wild ass or Indian Onager are among the fastest land mammals, they can run as fast as 70 km/h. The last population of Indian Onager are found in the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary of Little Rann of Kutch.

Dhole – 65 km/h

Indian wild dog

The dhole are endangered canid native to the Indian subcontinent. Indian wild dogs can maintain speeds of 56–60 km/h, lives in plains, grasslands and savannah of India.

Bengal Tiger – 64 km/h


Bengal Tiger is the second largest species of Tiger and an apex predators of Indian wild forest. Tigers are among the fastest wild cat with a top running speed of 64 km/h but only for very short bursts.

Chinkara – 60 km/h


Chinkara live in plains and hills of desert land and common prey of the Asiatic cheetah in India alongside blackbucks. Indian gazelle can go without water for long periods of time and living in the Thar Desert of India.

Indian Leopard – 58 km/h


Indian Leopard is distributed on the Indian subcontinent and one of the 5 big cats of India. They are very agile in nature and can run at over 58 kilometres per hour.

Indian Wolf – 55 km/h


Indian Wolves are subspecies of grey wolf and largest living canid native to the India. The Indian gray wolf only found in the arid and semi-arid peninsular plains of India, Ranibennur Blackbuck Sanctuary of Karnataka is known for its blackbuck and wolf populations.

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