Top 10 Best Flyovers in India

Transport play an important role in the development of a nation. India has a wide and heavy network of road transport which connects all the major cities. The Expressways, Cloverleaf interchanges, Bridges, Tunnels and Flyovers have make metros of India more sophisticated in nature. To handle the heavy traffic and for uninterrupted connectivity the beautiful flyovers are constructed in all the metro cities of India. All the flyovers have been constructed with new technologies with noise and dust barriers. Delhi and Chennai has maximum number of flyover in India and also known as “The city of flyovers”. Jaipur,Lucknow and Guwahati also has best flyovers to minimize the traffic of the city. Visit to know Newly constructed flyover of Indian cities

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Thane Flyovers -Mumbai

Mumbai known as “The City Never Sleep” has 44 existing flyovers and 16 new flyovers has already been proposed to come to reduce traffic at different location of the dream city. These flyovers provide at least some relief to the Mumbaikers. One of the best flyover in Mumbai is thane flyover. Mumbai also has one of the best bridge in India that is bandra-worli sea-link.

Hebbal Flyover -Bangalore

Bangalore The ‘Garden city of India‘ has some of the great flyovers. Bangalore electronic city flyover is the biggest flyover in India. Hebbal Flyover connects connects the Outer Ring Road and Bellary Road and is one of the best double road flyover.

Visweswarayya  Flyovers -Hyderabad

The twins cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad has recently registered its name in the book of records for having the longest flyover in the nation. It is 11.6 km long and India’s longest flyover and the road will be the India’s longest expressway.

Varachha Flyover -Surat

Flyover in Surat have been a great success story in decongesting traffic movement. Varachha flyover was the longest flyover in India.

AIIMS Flyover-Delhi

The Capital city of India, Delhi is using State-of-the-art technologies for its flyover projects to minimize construction activity at busy intersections. Commonwealth Games traveler will remember Delhi as the green city of beautiful flyovers.

AJC Bose Flyovers -Kolkata

APC Road & AJC Bose road taken together is the longest road in Kolkata. AJC Bose road flyover is 1.8 km in length and one of the most important and longest flyover in Kolkata.

Lucas Flyover -Chennai

Chennai is also known as “The city of flyovers”. It has maximum number of flyovers in India, few of them are Anna Flyover, Chennai Airport Flyover and  Lucas Flyover. The famous and grand flyover “kathipara Junction” a cloverleaf shaped flyover is new face of Chennai.

Memnagar Junction Flyover -Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is one of the beautiful city in Gujarat, it is ready to fly over those congested city roads. After Ahmadabad being developed as science city, its main focus is to improve its infrastructure.

Chiriyatand  Flyovers-Patna

Flyovers in Patna are very helpful to reduce the surging traffic pressure on its boring road. Patna is one of the great city in Bihar and  one of the oldest living city in India. Mahatma Gandhi Setu on river Gange is the longest river bridge in India.

University Flyovers -Pune

Pune, one of the famous city for its greenery, natural beauty, surrounded mountains and for romantic weather. Pune the green city has good diversions to handle the traffic and University circle flyover is the best example.University flyover is the longest and best flyover in Pune.


  • parashar deori

    there should also be the pictures of guwahati city flyovers.

    • Hey Parashar, I will add those in a new article.

  • karthik

    The richmond, residencyand double road flyover is now signal free, they removed the signal long time back. please provide up to date info.

    • Great Thanks.. Karthik.

  • Abhay Singh

    the longest flyover in ashia is in kanpur(27 km)….

    • Hello Abhay.. Yes the over bridges between Kanpur-Allahabad Road from Rooma to Bhaunti on NH-2 is the longest one.

      • vikash agarwal

        surat is on top its have highest no.of flyovers in india and many more in pipeline for its future challenges also its multilateral flyovers first in india

  • RGB

    You just named 10 cities with a good amount of flyovers, no the 10 best flyovers in India…:(

  • Sunder

    this is not top 10 fly overs of india. this is just city with fly overs. look at chennai’s kathipara junction, maduravayil juntion and koyembedu junction. Kathipara asia’s largest cloverleaf type bridge. (img 1: Kathipara; img 2: Maduravayil; img 3:Koyembedu)

  • abc

    where is the 9 km long electronic city flyover of bangalore ?


    whice city has no of flyover in india

    • Its Chennai.

    • karan

      chandigarh, it does not has any flyovers but traffic is here not worst like other cities of india.

    • karan

      chandigarh does not have any flyovers but even though traffic run smoothly here.

  • jay

    where is kanpur flyover at nh2,,, it is 25 km long

  • Syed Ehtesham Ali

    Kanpur Flyover should be add in the first ten biggest flyover in india

  • a.p.sarkar

    i wonder -you have not mentioned vidyasagar- cable stay bridge- flyover complex connecting kolkata & howrah-( east & west side of river hoogly) it is 3 tier in many places in howrah side covering at least 2 to 3 sq km area .

    • Hello Sarkar,
      Thanks for your comment, I have listed here list of Flyovers, The vidyasagar- cable stay bridge is river road bridge which is mention in the other article of Best Indian Bridges. Thanks.

  • SukumarSarkar

    The Parama (Science City) to AJC Bose Flyover -Kolkata: (APC Road & AJC Road) is under implementation in the city of Kolkata under JnNURM. The length of the 4 lane carriageway is about 9 km. After implementation, the flyover will provide a freeway from Airport to Second Hooghly Setu without interruption with hassle free journey and much comfort to the city. Please include this flyover in the list being a landmark flyover.

  • Guest

    There are quite a few beautiful flyovers in Delhi (those who have travelled in the roads of Delhi will vouch with me on this. The Barapullah road, the Badarpur flyover, DND flyover, Yamuna Expressway etc etc. Well I might be biased because I’m a Delhite but, I think Delhi has the widest roads (overall) amongst all the cities. Well it is the capital after all and the CWG hosting did help our infrastructure a lot.

    • Agree The Badarpur flyover, DND flyover and Yamuna Expressway are the marvels of civil architecture.

  • igloo

    You left out most of the good ones and these are still avrage not best. The best ones are larger and better