10 Wild Animals and Amazing Fauna of Europe

Europe and its surrounding areas have many exceptional animals,birds and reptiles with unique methods of staying and hunting. The most dangerous animals and exceptional fauna and flora species that live in Europe includes European pond turtle,Italian wolf,European badger,Red deer,European mink and Eurasian otter.

Eurasian Wolf


Eurasian Wolfs are the largest of old world and subspecies of grey wolf, found in wild lowland forest of Europe. The Eurasian wolfs are biggest predator of the European world and has the largest range among wolf subspecies.

European Badger


European Badger found throughout Europe and feeds on a wide variety of plant and animals. The European badger species are among the carnivorous animal in Europe and highly adaptable mammal.

European Viper


European Viper also known as common European adder is a venomous snake with fairly large head, found across the Eurasian land and the Arctic circle. The European common adder is one of the most dangerous species of snake found in Europe.

European Boar


Central European Boar is a medium sized subspecies of wild boar,native to Denmark, Poland,Germany and France. The Wild Boar is wild species of pig that lives in woodlands across much of Central Europe.

Eurasian Lynx


Eurasian Lynx is medium sized wild cat species and one of the top ten big cats of the world, found in Siberia and Eastern Europe. The Eurasian lynx is the powerful and largest lynx and has one of the widest ranges of any wild cat species in the world.

European Bison


European Bison is one of two big species of bison and heaviest surviving wild land animal in Europe. The European bison classified as vulnerable and survived in a few natural forests in Europe.

Eurasian Brown Bear


Eurasian Brown Bear also known as the common bear is subspecies of the brown bear,found across most of northern Eurasia. The brown bear extinct from Britain and currently largest population found in Russia in Europe.

Red Deer


Red Deer inhabits most of Europe and fourth largest deer species in the world. The red deer grow thicker coats of hair during the autumn and hunt by the most dangerous predator the gray wolf and brown bear.



The wild reindeer species of deer is one of the big species of deer,found in Europe,Greenland, Russia and Mongolia. Russia has the largest Reindeer herd and also found in Norway and Finland.

European Green Lizard


European Green Lizard lives in most of the southeastern Europe, found in Black Sea coasts of Ukraine and eastern Austria. The green lizard has a larger head and lives on the ground,rocks or lawns.

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