State Animal and Birds of 28 States of India

28 States of India has unique animals with common and scientific name, some of the animals and birds are fall in the category of endangered and vulnerable. Here is the ultimate list of state wise animals and birds of India, Also Guwahati has the Gangetic Dolphin as its city Mascot and Chandigarh has used a mongooose as its city Mascot. Image credit – IndiaTimes.

Andhra Pradesh – Indian Roller and Blackbuck


Indian Roller is very commonly seen bird found along roadside trees and wires across India. Largest populations of the species are found within India and several states have chosen it as their state bird.

Assam – White winged Wood Duck and One Horned Rhinocerous


Indian rhinoceros is listed as Vulnerable because of the loss of important habitat, grassland and riverine forest. The rhino ranged across the entire northern part of the Indian Subcontinent, especially in Assam.

Arunachal Pradesh – Great Hornbill and Gayal

Arunachal Pradesh_Animals

Great Hornbill is the larger member of the hornbill family found in India, With impressive size and colour, the big bird is part of the many tribal cultures and rituals in India, live mainly in evergreen forest of Western Ghats and North East India.

Bihar – Ox and House Sparrow


As per the wikipedia, current symbols of Bihar state are Ox, Sparrow, Peepal and Kachnar but in future  Gangetic Dolphin will be the state animal of Bihar and the Neelkanth or Indian Roller will be the state bird.

Chattisgarh – Hill Myna and Wild Buffalo


Wild water buffalo is the currently the state animal of Chhattisgarh and Hill myna is the state bird, found mostly through the bastar region of the state.

Goa – Gaur and Black Crested Bulbul


Indian Bison or the Gaur is a large bovine, biggest populations are found today only in India. Indian bison is the largest species of wild cattle found in world,bigger than the extinct aurochs, and wild water buffalo.

Gujarat – Greater Flamingo and Indian Lion


Gujarat is the only place in India where lions are found and Gir national park is the solo home of around 535 Indian lions.

Haryana – Blackbuck and Black Frankolin


Blackbuck is the fasted land animal found in India, inhabits grassy plains of Rajasthan and slightly forested areas of the other states.

Himachal Pradesh – Western Tragopan and Snow Leopard

Himachal Pradesh_Birds

Snow Leopard is one of the species from five big cat family native to the Indian mountain ranges of Himalayas. Great Himalayan National Park of Himachal Pradesh is one of the best place to Snow Leopard in India.

Jharkhand – Elephant and Koel


Indian Elephant is listed as endangered and threatened by habitat loss, degradation and fragmentation. Elephants are native to mainland India and is the largest wild animal found in India.

Karnataka – Indian Roller and Indian Elephant


Indian Roller is a beautiful bird of the forest, occurs widely to the Indian Subcontinent and always seen along roadside trees and wires.

Kerala – Indian Elephant and Great Hornbill


Great pied hornbill bird is found across the range of Western Ghats in South and one of the 9 species of hornbill found in India.

Maharashtra – Yellow footed Green Pigeon and Indian Giant Squirrel


Yellow footed green pigeon is the state bird of Maharashtra but Forest owlet may replace the state bird hariyal. This extremely rare bird, Forest Owlet found in Melghat region of Maharashtra.

Madhya Pradesh – Barasingha and Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Madhya Pradesh_state_bird

Asian Paradise Flycatcher is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh, Adult male has long tails with orange and white plumage.

Manipur – Sangai Deer and Hume pheasant


India is home to a large number of deer species,antelopes and wild goat. Sangai Deer is rare and endangered brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur.

Mizoram – Hoolock Gibbon and Hume Pheasant


Hoolock Gibbon is only species of Ape found in India and the second-largest of the gibbons. Western hoolock gibbon are found in small populations only few hundreds in northeast India.

Meghalaya – Clouded Leopard and Hill Myna


Clouded Leopard is one of the medium size wild cat found in the North East states of India and classified as Vulnerable because of habitat loss, deforestation and illegal trading.

Nagaland – Blyth’s Tragopan and Gayal


Gayal also known as mithun is the sometime mistken known as domesticated form of the gaur, gayal is the state animal of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Odisha – Sambhar and Indian Roller


Sambhar Deer is the largest deer native to the Indian subcontinent, listed as a vulnerable species and are the favourite prey of Bengal Tigers and Gujarat Lions in India.

Punjab – Blackbuck and Northern Goshawk


Black Buck is the an antelope native to the Indian subcontinent, fall in endangered species due to illegal hunting, heavy poaching and habitat loss. The famous Indian black buck antelope is one of the prettier antelope in India.

Sikkim –  Blood Pheasant and Red Panda


Red Panda is also known as red bear-cat, is listed as endangered and is the only living member of the genus.

Rajasthan – Great Indian Bustard and Chinkara


Great Indian Bustard is the largest spcies of Bustard bird found in India, Listed as Critically Endangered and protected under Wildlife act of India.

Telegana – Spotted Deer and Indian Roller


The new 28th state for the country, Telangana state has announced the following four icons as the new state symbols Indian Roller as state bird,State animal Deer, Jammi Chettu as state tree and Tangedu flower as state flower.

Tamil Nadu – Emerald Dove and Nilgiri Tahr

Tamil Nadu_State

Tripura – Green Imperial Pigeon and Phayres Langur


India is home to large family of monkeys species distributed from evergreen Western Ghats to north east states. The Phayre’s Langur is the state animal of Tripura but species of lutung.

Uttarakhand – Musk Deer and Himalayan Monal


Uttar Pradesh – Sarus Crane and Barasingha

Uttar Pradesh_State

Barasingha or swamp deer is a large deer species distributed in the Indian subcontinent and differs from all other Indian deer species.

West Bengal – Fishing Cat and White Breasted Kingfisher

West Bengal_Animal

Fishing cat is a medium-sized wild cat of mangrove swamps,primarily found in the Himalayan foothills, The finish cat is one of the known species of small wild cat found in India.

Union Territory Animal and Birds

Nilgai and house sparrow is the national capital Animal of New Delhi.
Lakshadweep UT animal is Butterfly fish.
Dugong is the symbol of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Puducherry official animal and birds are Squirrel and Asian Koel.

Hangul is the only species of elk found in India, also listed as one of the endangered species of deer found in some specific region of Jammu and Kashmir.

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