World’s 7 Dangerous Snakes Not Found in India

As per the search analytic in Google, Below list of snakes are mostly searched for their habitat in India. Here, have listed top 7 world’s most dangerous snakes not found in India but searched in Google.

Nile Crocodile not found in India,Cougar not found in India,Hippo not found in Indian rivers, Jaguar not found in India and Cheetahs are declared extinct in India in 1952.

Anaconda – South America


Anaconda snakes are the heaviest and largest snakes in the world, found only in South America. Green Anaconda and Yellow Anaconda are non venomous boa species.

Black Mamba – Africa


Black Mamba snakes are endemic to sub-Saharan Africa, including Savannah and woodlands. They are ambush predator and most of the Mamba species are tree dwelling snakes.

Boa Constrictor – South America


Boa Constrictor is a heavy bodied snake, found in tropical forest of North and South America. Boa constrictors are nocturnal and mostly terrestrial.

Eastern Brown Snake – Australia


Eastern Brown Snakes are responsible for highest number of snake bite in Australia and known as second most-venomous land snake in the world.

RattleSnake – Americas

Rattlesnakes are native to Americas and live in a wide array of habitats. It is a group of venomous snakes from family of Viperidae.

Spitting Cobra – Philippines

Spitting Cobras are not found in India but found in few countries of Asia and Africa. There are list of spitting cobra found in Asia such as Philippine cobra,Indochinese spitting cobra and Javan spitting cobra.

Tiger Snake – Australia

Tiger Snake is mostly found in coastal islands regions of Australia and Tasmania. These snakes are venomous snakes and highly variable in their color.

– Wild Animals Not Found in India

Wildlife in India boasts a variety of wild species and birds but there are list of wild animals not found in India such as Siberian Tiger,Amur Leopard, Gray Wolf and White Rhinoceros.

Green Iguana – Central South America


Green Iguana are herbivorous species of lizard and also the largest species in the iguana family. Iguana are found in Puerto Rico, South Florida,southern Brazil and Paraguay.

Komodo Dragon – Indonesian Island


Komodo Dragon are largest species of lizard, found only in the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores of Indonesia. They are the largest living species of lizard in the world.

Alligator – United States


American Alligator is one of the two living species of Alligator, endemic to the United States. Alligators are apex predators of wetland ecosystems and live in freshwater environments.

Jaguar – Central America


Jaguar (Panthera onca) is third largest species of big cat, found only in Americas. This spotted cat is larger then leopard and lives in dense rainforest of Amazonian.

Cheetah – South Africa


Cheetah become extinct from India, The Asiatic cheetah also known as Indian cheetah survives today only in Iran, listed as Critically Endangered. There are 4 subspecies of cheetah found in Africa, Savannahs, Okavango Delta and deserts of the Kalahari are best place to spot African Cheetah.

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